The Nissin MG10 Multi-Purpose Wireless Strobe Is Basically a Bracket Flash

The new Nissin MG10 wireless strobe promises to be a reliable companion to light up your indoor and outdoor shoots

Need to upgrade your flash gear and take your flash photography to new heights? Nissin’s new offering could be worth checking out. The company has recently announced the new MG10, an advanced Nissin Air System 2.4GHz wireless strobe which is geared for on-camera and studio photography. Whether you’re mostly doing studio projects or have some outdoor shoots on-location planned, this new flash promises to get you stunning lighting effects.

This advanced, high-power strobe that has guide number of 262 feet (80 meters) and 165 watt seconds is the latest to join the award-winning Nissin Air System lineup, Nissin’s very own wireless TTL communication system for 2.4GHz radio transmission. It features a hand grip that can be used for mounting the flash on either side of the camera, a shutter release button on the handle, and a standard ¼-inch, 20 adapter under the flash head for light stand mounting. It also comes with a magnesium quick release mounting “L” bracket, AA battery magazine, Li-Ion battery magazine, ball head, filter holder, and wide-angle diffuser. Photographers who already work with the Air 10s and Air 1 will be delighted to know the MG10 fully supports these wireless commanders.

With Nissin’s patented removable external motorized zoom head, the MG10 can zoom from 24~200mm, to 18mm with a diffuser. When paired with the Air 10s, the zoom head allows manual control or can be synchronized with the focal length of the lens, even with off camera use.

According to the press release, other features to expect from the upcoming MG10 are:

  • Fast recycling time with full power – 1.5 seconds when using Li-ion batteries with Nissin PS8 power pack, 3.5 seconds when using eight AA batteries.
  • High power modelling lights (LED) – See your lighting set up before you take the shot.
  • Pair MG10 with Air10s – The Open mode allows multiple Air10s units to pair with MG10 strobes, allowing for multiple commanders to control the same set of strobes.
  • Independent control with a maximum of 8 groups – The MG10 will support 4 groups of strobes in both the basic and advanced modes.
  • Sustainable performance, easily updated via a Micro SD card slot – The MG10 is equipped with a Micro SD card slot for easy updates. Nissin plans on including a Micro SD card slot in all future strobes and commanders.

The new Nissin MG10 is set to be available in the US for Nikon, Canon, and Sony kits by July for $699.99. Availability for micro four-thirds and Fujifilm will be announced later this year. Check out to stay updated.