Mijonju Reviews the MiNT InstantKon RF70 Prototype

The Mijonju Show is back with a review of an exciting new MiNT InstantKon RF70 prototype.

Since the leak of MiNT’s InstantKon RF70, a rangefinder camera with manual controls that uses Instax Wide Film, instant photography fans and MiNT customers alike have most likely been curious about the upcoming camera. What are its controls? What is the shooting experience like? We get to find out from none other than Mijonju, who’s back running The Mijonju Show starting with this curious-looking and promising instant rangefinder camera.

For those who are both new and familiar to Mijonju and his YouTube show, you’re just in time for the all new episodes starting with this new video. After a long hiatus, he’s back talking about super cool cameras and sharing his insights about them. No better way to start fresh but with a sneak peek at the upcoming MiNT InstantKon RF70:

Mijonju begins the actual review by giving a rundown of the camera’s features and functions. Many of us might have noticed from the leak that the RF70 looks bare and black. He noted, however, that its appearance isn’t final yet, as it still needs a skin and there could still be adjustments needed for the body. The camera’s lens compartment opens and extends the bellows with a simple lifting of the cover at the front. Pulling the latch underneath the lens opens the bellows fully and turns on the camera. Advancing the camera triggers the motor to eject the film.

One interesting feature is how the RF70’s film counter is set at 11 to account for the black slide instead of 10 with the Fuji Instax Cameras. Another is the self-timer feature integrated into the shutter button and can be activated with a double tap/click. He also mentions doing a separate video about recalibrating rangefinder cameras, including this instant camera. So, that’s something to be on the lookout for.

The results of his cute photoshoot with his daughter indeed show that the RF70 is the instant camera to look forward to. The other test photos show how detailed the shots can get at smaller apertures, and the bokeh and soft look wide apertures create. As Mijonju himself said, the amount of control that you can get from this camera sparks a lot more creativity than point-and-shoot, instant photography’s usual options.

Curious about the MiNT InstantKon RF70 instant rangefinder camera? You can follow MiNT’s updates here.