Film Photography Project Introduces New Line of Hand-Rolled Films

Film Photography Project’s new line of hand-rolled 35mm films are for black and white lovers.

In a fitting gesture of love for film photography, the Film Photography Project has launched a new line of hand-rolled 35mm black and white films. Learning that there are more rare emulsions for us to try is just the stuff film lovers and ardent monochrome fans needed on this occasion.

This Valentine’s Day release is (and we know it’s passed and done with now), according to FPP, comprised of hard-to-find emulsions in 24-exposure rolls and 100 foot bulk rolls. The 35mm rolls are also DX Coded, so you can shoot them with ease using your DX Coded point-and-shoot cameras and SLR cameras. The FPP BW 100 is ORWO un54, a panchomatic medium speed black and white negative film on triacetate base. The FPP BW 200 is a somewhat mysterious Foma film, interestingly, manufactured for a private surveillance company in the US. It boasts an impressive latitude that makes it perfect for both general use and long exposures. Lastly, there’s the FPP BW 400, an ORWO n74 panchromatic high-speed monochrome film on triacetate base.

The sample photos look pretty intriguing, especially the FPP BW 200 night photo shot at 500 ISO. ORWO says the FPP BW 100 / ORWO un54 works even for indoor use, but looks like a great option for shooting outdoors on sunny days. The FPP BW 400 / ORWO n74 would be worth trying out in a variety of conditions, especially for indoor use and difficult lighting situations. ORWO also mentions that this 400 ISO emulsion was used in the past for documentary films, news coverage, and underwater cinematography. It would definitely be great to see how these films would fare for street photography, portraits, and night photography.

Curious and eager to get your hands on these rare emulsions? Monochrome lovers can now purchase these hand-rolled films at the FPP Online Store.

Image from the Film Photography Project.