The New Fujifilm ISO 200 Film Is Causing a Stir

All of this is a bit odd, for sure. Last December, Fujifilm quietly announced their new Fujifilm 200 ISO film. It received updated packaging, and on the surface seems like a really cool thing. But there have been murmurs on the internet. It was discovered by looking at technical charts that it exhibits a range similar to a, ahem, competing film. So we reached out to Fujifilm to ask what’s going on.

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Film Photography Project Introduces New Line of Hand-Rolled Films

Film Photography Project’s new line of hand-rolled 35mm films are for black and white lovers.

In a fitting gesture of love for film photography, the Film Photography Project has launched a new line of hand-rolled 35mm black and white films. Learning that there are more rare emulsions for us to try is just the stuff film lovers and ardent monochrome fans needed on this occasion.

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