Five Quick Tips for Easier and Better Street Photography

No need to struggle in street photography with these simple tips.

Whether you’re new to street photography or someone who is far along in the craft, there’s always something you can do to make your shooting experience easier. London-based Haris Finazzi has recently shared with us a handful of tips he believes would make for easier and more immersive street photography.

Being in a such a big and busy city like London, it’s natural for people like Haris to gravitate towards street photography. If you find yourself in the same boat, he has put together some pointers you can use to be able to freely and effectively document the hustle and bustle of the streets. Watch the quick video tutorial below.

Use simple gear.

It could be subjective, but to start, use the simplest gear you have. It could be your DSLR with a 50mm lens like he said, or a handy point-and-shoot camera. There’s no need for big, complicated lenses and other bulky gear; it will just keep you distracted. You want to be able to move around, blend into your surroundings, and easily bring a camera to your eye when the so-called decisive moment strikes.

Shoot in the rain (or at least after).

It’s a hassle to be out and shooting in a downpour. But given that you’ve opted for the simplest camera, Haris assumes you can manage to move around with ease without worrying about your gear. At least, you can hit the streets soon after the rain has stopped and take advantage of the interesting scenes created by the reflections from puddles and wet pavement. Be on the look-out and experiment!

Shoot in the Golden Hour.

You can never go wrong with the Golden Hour for any kind of photography. As Haris showed in the video, combining other visual elements with this dramatic lighting can lead to some beautiful street snaps in fantastic colors.

Shoot handheld.

This could be just a personal preference, as Haris mentioned. But if you find yourself wanting to do a lot of shots in portrait orientation, you may find this tip especially useful. By shooting handheld, you should be able to snap quickly and in any orientation with ease. If you’re using a compact point-and-shoot, this tip is pretty easy.

Have fun.

In the end, this is the most important thing about shooting street photography, and the end goal of the first four tips. If you’re not having fun, there’s little to no point in doing it!

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