Wondering Where Kodak Ektachrome is? Here’s an Update (Sort of)

So many of us are waiting with credit card in hand to get some Kodak Ektachrome

Earlier this year, Kodak announced that Kodak Ektachrome would be coming back to market. Initially they slated it to holiday season 2017; and for the most part they’re not off from that. The marketing and review samples are due to go out next month apparently. Kodak announced earlier this year that full production runs are going to be going out to the masses in Q1 of 2018. So are they still on track?

“In January of 2017, we announced that Kodak Ektachrome would be coming back to the market.” is what a Kodak rep who does not want to be named though held us under NDA stated. “The process is coming along well. We’ve been busy testing and making sure it meets all the expectations that exist in this passionate community and are looking forward to its market release in 2018.” Unfortunately, that’s all the news that they gave us.

So let’s refresh here, back in 2012, Kodak killed Kodak Ektachrome. It was incredibly sad, and in the next year, the company emerged from Chapter 11. With that change, Kodak split into two companies: Eastman Kodak and Kodak Alaris. Alaris primarily deals with film, but relies on Eastman for certain things. In this case, it’s clear to us that Eastman Kodak may be the primary manufacturer of Kodak Ektachrome for their Super 8 film lineup. Eastman Kodak manufactures Kodak’s motion picture film while Alaris sells and apparently oversees most of the rest of the film.

Kodak Ektachrome is a slide film that used to come in two different emulsions: 100 and 200 ISO. Plus there was an infrared version and other variants. Considering that it is a slide film, this typically will guarantee better colors at the expense of a limited range. But if you’re a master of light metering, then that isn’t a problem at all. Kodak Ektachrome will join Lomo X Pro Slide 200, Fujifilm Velvia 50, and Fujifilm Velvia 100 as the current slide films on the market when it finally launches.

Chris Gampat

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