The Former Lead of Apple Aperture Created a New RAW Editing App

All RAW Power images by Gentlemen Coders.

Need to edit your RAW photos on the go? The newly-launched RAW Power app for iOS lets you edit your RAW snaps with iPhones and iPads that are running on iOS 11. You can download it for free today from the App Store and have the the option for a single purchase Advanced Adjustment Pack for $9.99 to unlock premium editing features.

The professional RAW photo app by Gentlemen Coders LLC was built on the success of RAW Power for Mac, decoding images and enabling editing of RAW photos through Apple’s RAW engine. Since it also boasts of an unprecedented access to the Photo Library, you can edit and save RAW photos from your iPhone/iPad or iCloud Photo Library. If you’re using RAW Power with Mac, you can use the app to continue editing your work from desktop to your mobile device.

According to Nik Bhatt, Gentlemen Coders Founder and former lead of Aperture and iPhoto teams, this functionality and control over their images is something that photographers have always wanted to have with the advent of shooting RAW in iOS 10. With the RAW Power app, they can access the advanced tools they’re used to on the desktop wherever they go.

“Using our deep experience with Apple’s RAW Engine, we have created a powerful, easy-to-use editing app that seamlessly integrates with the built-in Photo apps on iOS and Mac, allowing iOS users to keep their images in iCloud and maximizing integration with the Apple ecosystem.”

With RAW Power’s new section called “Recents,” you can easily access the images and albums that you recently viewed. You can also view, create, delete, and rename albums. The app also allows sorting, sharing, favoriting, removing the images from the album view, and deleting images from the library. All changes you make to your photos using the RAW Power app is applied and synced to your iOS and iCloud Photo Library.

The app harnesses the power of Apple’s RAW Engine through its RAW Processing adjustment, with eight sliders to control and enhance the look of your RAW images. The adjustments you make appear real-time as you move the slider, and can be copied and pasted between the images. Aside from contrast and noise reduction, the app has a Histogram that computes overexposed areas of the image, and zooming capabilities of up to 800% for large RAW images. It’s also worth noting that the app leaves your original files intact.

Purchasing the Advanced Adjustment Pack gives you three additional controls: Depth Effect, designed for the dual camera system of iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, and iPhone X; Curves, for precise manipulation of individual color channels; and White Balance, for correcting the image balance and tint.

Check out some examples of photos edited using the RAW Power app: