The Peak Design Capture Clip V3 Was Designed by an Apple Engineer

A special five day Kickstarter campaign is being done to fund the new Peak Design Capture Clip V3

Yes, you’re reading that right: there’s a brand new Peak Design Capture Clip V3. The Peak Design Capture Clip V3 has been significantly redesigned and looks much different from the previous two versions. The clip, which is designed to attach to your camera and securely let you harness it into their holster, is arguably the most secure way I’ve ever seen of using a camera without a strap. In fact, I’ve seen the new product a number of times this year and when I first saw it, I was wondering how Peak Design was going to improve on it. In my opinion, it’s Peak Design’s best product. For starters, they made it smaller and lighter–and it was designed by a former Apple Engineer. With that in mind, it’s mostly a single piece of aluminum with some moving parts.

The Peak Design Capture Clip V3 has new knobs for securing it to your belt, bag strap, etc. Because it’s smaller, you should really check to ensure it will work with your camera bag. In addition to that, it still uses an Arca Swiss plate to attach your camera to your clip. And in addition to that, there are also new Peak Design Slide and Peak Design Slide lite camera straps. The details at a glance are below.

Peak Design Capture Clip V3 Tech Specs

  • All aluminum build, including the quick-release button and locking pin
  • All machined/anodized finish for increased durability and smoothness
  • Smaller and lighter for better comfort
  • 30% lighter
  • 20% narrower
  • 20% lower profile
  • Embedded grip in backplate for maximum slip resistance
  • Two sets of clamping bolts for quick adjustment or permanent attachment
  • Available in black & silver

Slide and Slide Lite Tech Specs

  • Anchor connectors revamped – more secure, fast, and lower profile than ever
  • Ultra-smooth nylon webbing with tighter, more durable weave
  • Strap molded into adjustment hardware for significantly lower profile
  • Low-profile anchor mount for varying strap configuration

Remember, the Peak Design Capture Clip V3 Kickstarter lasts only five days.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.