Review: Peak Design Capture Clip v3

The Peak Design Capture Clip v3 review: Starring Chris Niccolls of the Camera Store 

The Peak Design Capture Clip V3 is Peak Design’s latest evolution of the original Capture Clip that helped them get famous off of Kickstarter. This latest version is a massive jump forward in many ways. Designed by a former Apple engineer, the Peak Design Capture Clip V3 is made mostly of a single piece of aluminum. When you look at it and feel it, it feels super slick. Plus it’s smaller than previous versions. And like the other Capture Clips, it’s designed primarily to house your camera in a reliable place with little to no movement. During my testing, I found this to be the best Capture Clip yet in many ways. But in other ways, I found it to be a pain for the landscape and adventure style photographer.

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The Peak Design Capture Clip V3 Was Designed by an Apple Engineer

A special five day Kickstarter campaign is being done to fund the new Peak Design Capture Clip V3

Yes, you’re reading that right: there’s a brand new Peak Design Capture Clip V3. The Peak Design Capture Clip V3 has been significantly redesigned and looks much different from the previous two versions. The clip, which is designed to attach to your camera and securely let you harness it into their holster, is arguably the most secure way I’ve ever seen of using a camera without a strap. In fact, I’ve seen the new product a number of times this year and when I first saw it, I was wondering how Peak Design was going to improve on it. In my opinion, it’s Peak Design’s best product. For starters, they made it smaller and lighter–and it was designed by a former Apple Engineer. With that in mind, it’s mostly a single piece of aluminum with some moving parts.

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