Messenger Bags For Your Party And Event Photography Kit

So you’re shooting an event or party, right. What the heck are you going to carry all of this stuff in?!

Yeah, we have spent all of this time talking about this gear and such, but unless you are the octaman we doubt that you are going to be able to carry all of this without a bag of some kind. So we figured that now is as good of a time as any to point out some quality messenger style bags for your party and event photography pros. Continue reading…

You Could Win $10,000 In Prizes From Our Friends At 5DayDeal

5DayDeal Giveaway 2017

You have seen the great deals and charity supporting bundles from the team at 5DayDeal here on Phoblographer over the last year, and as of this morning they are back – this time with a huge giveaway with over $10,000 in prizes. What better way to spend a few minutes of your Memorial Day weekend than by entering a killer giveaway that could net you some seriously awesome prizes?!

If you are ready to enter, you can do so here. If you would like to learn more, keep reading.  Continue reading…

Peak Design’s Range Pouch is More Than a Lens Pouch

Peak Design Range Pouch

If you’re a photographer who has ever used a lens pouch, you already know there’s not much use for it beyond carrying a spare lens or two. The Peak Design Range Pouch was created to carry your lenses and so much more. The Range Pouch was designed with the same kind of versatility you’d expect from Peak Design, including a strong resemblance to their Every Day line of bags.

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Four Fantastic Backpacks for Photographers Living in Cities

The backpack: it’s a beautiful piece of gear most photographers need or want. While some backpacks work great, others aren’t so great overall. If you’re in a city, you often need a backpack that works well, can carry a fair amount of gear, is versatile, and doesn’t really break the bank. So we dove into our reviews index to round up a number of our favorite backpacks for photographers.

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Review: Peak Design Everyday Tote Camera Bag

When Peak Design announced their new updates to the Everyday Bag lineup, I was incredibly cautious. Sure, we’re a news website and we’ll report on it–but there was a major problem that I had with the Everyday Messenger bag. Then the review unit request came in and I called in the Peak Design Everyday Tote. “There’s no way they can screw up a tote bag,” I thought to myself knowing just how much work goes into their products. But indeed, very few manufacturers have made totes targeted at photographers.

Thankfully, Peak Design really did a truly fantastic job here that I think is worthy of even more praise than the Everyday Messenger bag has. The Tote goes from tote bag to backpack with ease, allows for quick access where you need it and provides the photographer with a lot of versatility. In many ways, this is a perfect bag; but it’s also not the most attractive.

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Review: Hawkesmill Sloane Street Camera Bag

If there’s any place that photographers typically go to on the web to find out more about the latest and greatest camera bags, the two biggest sources are the Phoblographer and Steve Huff. But in true entrepreneurial spirit, I’m always thrilled when a new brand approaches the site with a new product–such is the case with the new Hawkesmill Sloane Street camera bag. The company is based in England, and is determined to grab your attention with their new wares.

Take the Hawkesmill Sloane Street for example: this high end bag is designed for the photographer that is also a serious business person and that at times needs to embrace a different aesthetic. While the likes of Tenba, Think Tank and others make some great practical bags that you may want to bring around for the very general and typical shoot, there are those moments where it would make sense for you to spruce up your look a bit more. That’s not to sit here and defend what some may call a hipster or elitist attitude; instead it’s an embrace of a major reality in the world of a professional photographer who needs to look the part of a business oriented creative at times. And most professional photographers will tell you that they shoot less and do more business.

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Four Canvas Camera Bags For the Serious Photographer


Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Peak Design Messenger bag review product images lifestyle (8 of 8)ISO 4001-125 sec at f - 2.8

Camera bags are even more numerous than cameras and lenses–and each one has its own specific target. Everyone has the camera bag that is just right for them. They can be tough to find, and some of them can be expensive because of heavy use of leather. The more affordable but stylish alternative is canvas. Canvas is also incredibly reliable and will last for many, many years.

If you’re looking for a low profile camera bag made in canvas, here are four that you’ll really enjoy.

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Review: Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Peak Design Messenger bag review product images lifestyle (1 of 8)ISO 4001-100 sec at f - 4.0

When Peak Design announced their new Messenger Bag on Kickstarter, I had very mixed feelings about it. Designed in collaboration with Trey Ratcliff, the Peak Design Messenger Bag is one that’s even more beautiful in person than I believe anyone can do justice to in photos. As good as I am as a product photographer, its unique design doesn’t really provide great angles to make it look anywhere as good as it does in person. Like a good printed image, it needs to be experienced right in front of you.

The even better news is that it’s not just a fox on the outside, Peak Design has done quite a bit to push the innovation game with so many incredibly new and different features that make it stand out from the pack of other monotonous messenger bags out there. Yes, many of them really are monotonous and the idea of what a messenger bag is hasn’t changed for a while. This, and this major reason alone, was why I had such mixed feelings.

After a solid amount of playtime though, those feelings have mostly changed with the exception of my one big problem with the bag.

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