You’re Doing It Wrong. Choosing the Best Camera Strap

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Fact: most photographers tend to stick with the stock camera strap they get from the camera manufacturer. In most cases, this couldn’t be any more wrong. It’s convenient for sure, but manufacturer camera straps are often some of the worst we’ve used. They’re not good for a variety of situations, and they’re often uncomfortable. But in most cases, they’re also just plain ugly. Luckily, we’ve been reviewing camera straps for well over a decade. And we probably have the most reviewed of any credible publication. So we’re going to do a deep dive into camera straps and satiate your curiosity.

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Peak Design’s Latest Video Distracts You from the Ironic Truth

Peak Design is playing into a scene of photographers who aren’t doing their research.

Some of the big news in the photo industry is how Peak Design is trying to rally the world. Specifically, they’re doing this about Amazon. They made a video about how Amazon is ripping off their Every Day Sling camera bag. Is it messed up? Totally. But there’s a lot that’s not being said here. And I’d like to give everyone a different point of view.

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Unsplash 2020 Awards Continue to Make a Mockery of Photography

The Unsplash 2020 Awards add Polaroid and Ikea to the list of companies who do not value the work of photographers.

If you’re unfamiliar with Unsplash, don’t worry. You’re going to get a crash course in why this virus of a company is hated by photographers worldwide. You see, Unsplash is a community-driven stock photography website that preys on photographers who don’t know better. Unsplash disguises competitions as a way to get creators to upload images and give up all ownership rights. Companies like Nike, Ikea, Polaroid, Peak Design Squarespace, and others use those images royalty-free in their ad campaigns. We’ve reported about Unsplash in the past, and we’ll continue to lead the charge against them. If you couldn’t tell, we’re totally against the Unsplash 2020 Awards. Let’s discuss why Unsplash and the companies supporting them are nothing but cancer to photography and photographers.

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We Broke Two Lenses with This: PolarPro Traverse Strap Mount Review

The PolarPro Traverse is the weirdest Peak Design Capture Clip competitor that we’ve seen, and we can’t recommend it.

This review has resulted in the most awkward phone call I’ve had in 11 years with a camera manufacturer. Who would’ve thought that the PolarPro Traverse Strap Mount would have broken an Olympus lens? Olympus! The camera manufacturer is probably only rivaled by Pentax and Leica when it comes to the durability of their products. But indeed, the PolarPro Traverse broke an Olympus lens and then also majorly dented the hood of my Voigtlander 17.5mm f0.95 lens. This product is meant to be a Peak Design Capture Clip competitor. And I praise PolarPro for their efforts, especially because we stopped reviewing Peak Design products for ethical concerns. They didn’t include a manual, but instead just a little section of a pamphlet. One would think that it’s supposed to function and be used just like the Peak Design Capture Clip, but one would be wrong–and it turned into one of the most perplexing and stressful reviews that I’ve done in years.

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Designed for a Street Photographer: CosySpeed QUICK SALLY Review

The CosySpeed QUICK SALLY One-Hand Wrist Strap is a strap that gave me anxiety at first. But that changed later on.

When the CosySpeed QUICK SALLY came in, I had a few doubts only because of the magnet that’s built into it. Magnets aren’t good for digital cameras, but they aren’t too terrible for film cameras. Though it serves a function when using the rest of the Cosyspeed lineup of bags, some situations require more than what the Street-o-Matic or others offer to me. Most of the time, I need a backpack. And sometimes, you want both the comfort and durability that the CosySpeed QUICK SALLY allows you. Indeed, while I initially had my doubts about the strap, I was proven wrong with repeated use. 

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10 Stylish Camera Bags Perfect for Street Photographers

These camera bags are ready to hit the streets, and they’ll look good doing it.

Camera bags don’t get a lot of attention, but they are an important accessory; definitely one that every photographer needs. They need to match our own personal style because in a way they are an extension of us, so it’s important that we choose our camera bags wisely. Street photographers need camera bags that are stylish, comfortable, easy carry around, must be able to hold the essentials, and they need to be able to withstand the elements. We’ve selected 10 camera bags from our extensive list of reviews that would be perfect for street photographers. Continue reading…

Five Handsome Messenger Bags Under $400 You’ll Fall in Love with

Looking to start a new relationship with a camera bag this month? Check out these fine messenger bags that won’t break the bank, or your heart.

Like in any good relationship, there must be trust for it to work. The camera bags we choose to use say a lot about us, and we trust in them to carry our expensive cameras and lenses. Choosing a new camera bag is like searching for a new mate. We take looks, personality, dependability, and just how hard the new relationship will hit our wallets into account. There are some messenger bags out there that cost an absolute fortune, but the ones we’ve picked here are easy on the eyes, and they’re ready for long term commitment.
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5 Essential Pieces of Gear All Newcomers to Canon Cameras Should Own

Getting the most out of Canon cameras is made easy with these five affordable pieces of kit.

If you picked up one of the amazing Canon cameras that have been on sale in recent weeks you’re probably wondering what lenses and accessories you should buy for it. Canon users have access to one of the most robust line-ups of lenses, bags, tripods, flashes, and countless other accessories. This can make shopping for new gear quite overwhelming though. We have put together a list of five items that we think every new Canon camera owner should make a part of their kit. Join us after the break to see what we recommend.

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These Companies Are Supporting the Biggest Photography Rights Grab We’ve Seen in a While


I never honestly took Unsplash seriously, but this is horrifying to me.

You’ve probably read the Photoshelter Blog post about Unsplash and why their competitor Squarespace is screwing photographers. I’ve kept my thoughts to myself for a while until a buddy showed me the scope of the Unsplash awards. It draws you in with nice designs, sleek marketing, and the variety of awards being judged by big wigs at various companies. I’ve seen this before with EyeEm–a company I stood behind for a long time until I felt betrayed by their portrayal of Photo Editors as nothing but an algorithm. To that end, I see Unsplash as doing nothing else but the absolute worst rights grab I’ve ever seen.

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Camera Bag Review: Portage Supply Mariner Messenger Bag

The Portage Supply Mariner Messenger Bag is the single most comfortable messenger bag that I’ve ever used.

For years, I had sworn off messenger bags–but the Portage Supply Mariner Messenger Bag is using its beautiful looks and design to lure me back in. Admittedly, messenger bags are awful for your bag and in the long run I couldn’t see myself using the Portage Supply Mariner Messenger Bag as an every day bag. But on the occassions where it makes more sense for me to bring along a messenger instead of a backpack, I think that the Portage Supply Mariner Messenger Bag is going to be the one for me. Let’s discuss why.

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Four Stylish Yet Practical Camera Bags for the Modern Photojournalist

Demands on Photojournalists are high, and they expect their camera bags to perform to the same level that they do.

Good camera bags that can hold up in the high demands world of photojournalism can be hard to find. For a bag to succeed in this role it will need to keep your gear secure, safe from bumps and bangs, keep it safe from the elements, and offer quick access to all of your gear.

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The Best Canvas Camera Bags for Photographers

Camera bags - Tenba Cooper 13 Slim

The humble camera bag is often overlooked, but it’s actually incredibly important. After all, you are placing thousands of dollars worth of equipment into it. You owe it to yourself to get a solid canvas bag that looks good, and that you can trust.

As photographers, when we talk about new gear we tend to think about new camera bodies, or new lenses, but we never really think much about the gear that actually carries all of the above; camera bags. The humble camera bag is often overlooked, but it’s actually incredibly important. After all, you are placing thousands of dollars worth of equipment into it. You owe it to yourself to get a solid canvas bag that looks good, and that you can trust. A camera bag also says a lot about each individual photographer as well. There are so many styles to choose from, it is easy to find one that matches your personal taste. Today we are going to be looking at canvas bags. Canvas camera bags are stylish, easy to care for, and incredibly durable. Lets take a look at the best canvas camera bags for photographers.

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The Peak Design Travel Backpack is Promising Lots of Versatility

Though they arguably don’t need to be on Kickstarter at this point, the new Peak Design Travel Backpack is being fundraised there.

There has been a big uptick in the past few years for photographers who love backpacks, and the latest option is the new Peak Design Travel Backpack. This is part of a brand new series; and so at the moment it only comes in the vanilla flavor. With that said though, you can always customize it and turn the Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L into a 35L via a bit of tinkering. What’s more, the new Peak Design Travel Backpack can have its internals customized even further with cubes that are placed inside.

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Five of Our Top Camera Bag Picks for Street Photographers

Street photography is a fun pastime for many photography enthusiasts

Street Photographers. You may know one or you may be one. Regardless of your status, there is one thing about street photographers that’s a given; unlike other professions where the luxury of taking their camera bag off their back to be set down is a possibility, for most street photographers this is not an option. They must be able to carry their gear around comfortably for long stretches of time. Let’s be honest; not all camera bags are going to be good for that type of use.

Today, we wanted to highlight some of our top camera/gear bag picks with street photographers in mind. As well, if you have a big street photography kit or a small street photography kit, it makes no difference. We will have options below that appeal to a wide variety of photographers with varying amounts of gear. So, if you are ready. let’s get into it… Continue reading…

Peak Design Announces Improvements to the Everyday Messenger V2

Peak Design gives the beautiful Everyday Messenger a number of upgrades that should make it an even better choice for an everyday camera bag.

In need of a new camera bag and still haven’t picked one? Peak Design’s popular Everyday Messenger bag could be worth considering, especially since the company has added some interesting upgrades. The eye-catching bag, said to be “made for creatives, travelers, commuters and everyone in-between”, already had some nifty features prior to the upgrade, so those who loved it should really be excited about the V2.

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Six of the Best Camera Bags for Photographers Living in Cities

These camera bags are essential for any modern photographer living and working in a city.

Nothing feels worse than being underprepared for a shoot or having a piece of equipment not work when you’re out in the field shooting photos. Part of this is sometimes caused by ineffective protection from camera bags: trust me I know. For a long time, I couldn’t find a camera bag that I really liked and so I tried to modify and make my own. But what so many camera bags have that differentiates them from other kinds of bags are ways to weather seal the contents of the bag. On top of that, there is usually some sort of padding that will protect your gear from bumps, falls, etc. These are absolutely essential when you’re a photographer traveling in a city and often taking public transportation or even walking and riding a bike. So we went through our reviews and rounded up some of our favorite bags just for you.

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Camera Bag Review: Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30L

The Peak Design Everyday Backpack meets the needs of professional photographers in a minimalist package

Like most photographers, I’m always looking for “THE” perfect backpack: one that allows me to haul my entire kit with me when I’m shooting on location, travelling, or simply roaming the streets of New York City trying to capture the next decisive moment. Take it from someone who has used over a dozen different camera backpacks over the years, the Peak Design Everyday Backpack is as close to perfection as I’ve found. Is there room for improvement? Certainly. But until the inevitable 2.0 revision is released, the Peak Design Everyday Backpack is THE do it all, carry everything, go everywhere backpack to beat, and it’s certainly the best camera backpack I’ve had the pleasure of using.

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7 Beautiful Camera Straps with Both Functionality and Good Looks

In the market for a new camera strap? Then look no further!

There are a number of great leather and canvas camera straps currently on the market. Some have been Kickstarted while others began all on their own. But the problem that many folks complain about with these straps is that they’re too pretty and often not functional enough. Well, say no more: thess camera straps are bound to impress you.

We went through our reviews index and found a number of fantastic camera straps that you’re going to want to use immediately.

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Camera Bag Review: Tenba DNA 15 Backpack

The Tenba DNA 15 Backpack is so incredibly functional; and it doesn’t look too bad either.

For the past few months, one bag has really dominated my use: the Tenba DNA 15 backpack. The Tenba DNA messenger line was designed for commuters in large cities and was billed as being stylish–though quite honestly it’s nowhere near as eye catching as their Cooper series. The Tenba DNA 15 backpack follows the same ideology but brings the idea to a backpack. They’re nice, but more so in a functional way that gives a photographer all they need while not being super ugly, breaking the bank, or making you look like you subscribe to the bro culture deeply rooted in everything Peak Design ever manufactured. Instead, the Tenba DNA backpack is a beast all in its own, incorporating a roll-top style design, pockets on the side, pockets within pockets, and a really nice way to access your gear.

Best of all: it works really, really well when you’re traveling on airplanes.

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Review: Peak Design Slide Lite Strap II (On the Sony a6000)

The new Peak Design Slide Lite strap is Peak’s most comfortable strap yet.

With the Peak Design Slide Lite strap, you’ve got a brand new option and some cool innovations from the favorite company of many outdoors photographers. The Peak Design Slide Lite strap is a camera strap designed for lighter cameras–like mirrorless options. But to be honest, I think that it’s more than good enough for most APS-C DSLRs. It uses Peak Designs quick release system and has soft seat belt webbing along the entire area of the strap. Additionally, the Peak Design Slide Lite strap has a very quiet but subtle handsomeness to it that in my mind actually makes it sort of stylish.

But most of all, it is adjustable and not necessarily caters to the less curvy photographer–or, you know, the one who wears a lot of layers in the winter.

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Review: Peak Design Everyday Sling 5L (Don’t Call it a Fanny Pack)

Though it can be used as a fanny pack, the Peak Design Everyday Sling 5L is much more versatile.

When the Peak Design Everyday Sling 5L came in for review, I was almost put off by it. You see, the Peak Design Messenger bag left a very bad taste in my mouth because of how little thought was put into making it both versatile and comfortable at the same time. But after a few emails between the Peak Design team and I, I learned that the Peak Design Everyday Sling 5L is perhaps one of the best bags for a photographer who wants to carry a minimal kit for a day out. If you’re a biker in a big city and you don’t want to feel as if you’re carrying the equivalent of a small person, the Peak Design Everyday Sling 5L will ensure that doesn’t happen. It’s small and so it really only houses a camera with a lens (and perhaps an extra lens), along with small pockets for a bit more stuff. I often bring it out when I’m shooting film. But one of the absolute best things about it is that it doesn’t look like a camera bag at all.

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