How to Get Your Adobe Lightroom Presets into Lightroom Mobile

One of the biggest problems with Adobe Lightroom Mobile is the fact that you can’t import your desktop presets into the mobile app. So that means that if you’re using a lot of VSCO, Mastin or other presets then you’ll need to edit the image on your computer. Well, that may be the way to get the best results but the folks over at Who Shot the Photographer’s YouTube channel figured out a workaround. It isn’t the simplest route of getting it all done, but it surely is effective.

And to be honest, it’s pretty smart.

Essentially what you’re doing is using the way that Lightroom Mobile works and syncs with your desktop and other devices to bring you the preset edits. For the uninitiated, Lightroom Mobile works by syncing with Lightroom’s collections. So if you start a specific collection, that collection will be synced to your other devices using the Adobe Cloud. This is always perfect for when you’re working on the go and can’t bring your laptop because of some stupid law banning laptops while traveling on an airplane or something.

It also makes your life a whole lot easier if you’re editing a big wedding, a portrait session, event photos, etc.

To do this you go into Lightroom desktop, edit a few images using the presets you want, put those images into a collection, wait for them to sync to your device, go to said collection on your device, copy the settings and then apply them to other images. This special collection is your base for the presets. You can’t save the presets but you can always go back to this collection, copy the edits and then go apply them to other images.

This, of course, isn’t the easiest way of doing things but it surely is the most effective. There are more and more photographers that really don’t like editing on their computer popping up and around the web, and so this could be the solution that you need if you’re one of those photographers.

Be sure to check out the Who Shot the Photographer channel for more tips and videos.