The WANDRD HEXAD Photo Duffel is a Backpack and Duffel Bag for Travel Photographers

The folks over at WANDRD are at it again, and this time they’ve got the new WANDRD HEXAD Photo Duffel on Kickstarter. This bag is coming in two different variations. Like the PRVKE pack before it, it’s being targeted at photographers to be used as a backpack and in this case a duffel. WANDRD has been all about versatility and the last bag embraced being a backpack and a tote. Their bags haven’t always been about quick access, but instead have had more of an emphasis on travel; and in this situation the WANDRD HEXAD Photo Duffel isn’t any exception.

First off, this is the first time that a duffel bag has really been pushed to be used for photographers. And of course, having versatility makes it more accessible for many others. The bag can use a lot of the WANDRD straps and accessories like the strap system that makes taking the weight off of your back super simple. You can also use the cube system that secures in (albeit with some difficulty until you’ve learned to master it) and then makes appropriate space for your camera gear. I’ve never seen the company’s bags about quick access, but instead about being able to cram a whole lot of stuff into a bag with comfort.

There’s the WANDRD HEXAD Photo Access Duffel and the WANDRD HEXAD Photo Carryall Duffel. Here are some tidbits about both:

The Access Duffel provides the same sleek look and durable materials as the Carryall, but features a clamshell opening that gives you complete access to the 3 large compartments inside the bag. The two bottom compartments were designed to be compatible with our existing Camera Cubes, turning this into our largest photo bag yet. Whether you are using it for photography or not, this is the perfect travel bag for those who want a little more organization.

More functional than a traditional duffle. More versatile than a dedicated travel bag. The HEXAD Carryall Duffel was meticulously engineered to go where no duffel has gone before. Traditional duffel bags are fine gear haulers, but lack any real organization to be great travel companions. Not only that, but they can be extremely uncomfortable to carry (unless you happen to be using them to carry throw pillows). And dedicated travel bags are great for when you’re heading to the airport, but suck when it comes to anything else.  

Be sure to check out more details on the Kickstarter page.