The Dead Zone is Home to Julien Coquentin’s Childhood Memories

All images by Julien Coquentin. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

Childhood memories often serve as sources of inspiration for creatives, so it’s not surprising to find many compelling works driven by its nostalgic imagery. However, instead of presenting images of gentleness, innocence, and fondness for a time gone by, French photographer Julien Coquentin takes his viewers to what he calls The Dead Zone, which reimagines his childhood haunts.

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The WANDRD HEXAD Photo Duffel is a Backpack and Duffel Bag for Travel Photographers

The folks over at WANDRD are at it again, and this time they’ve got the new WANDRD HEXAD Photo Duffel on Kickstarter. This bag is coming in two different variations. Like the PRVKE pack before it, it’s being targeted at photographers to be used as a backpack and in this case a duffel. WANDRD has been all about versatility and the last bag embraced being a backpack and a tote. Their bags haven’t always been about quick access, but instead have had more of an emphasis on travel; and in this situation the WANDRD HEXAD Photo Duffel isn’t any exception.

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