New55 Takes to Kickstarter to Fund New55 PN Large Format Instant Film Improvements

“These changes will include 1, a mask to give a better spread, 2 a better developer reagent and a pod that isn’t quite so fussy, and three a smoother, better print.” says says Sam Heiser from New55 in the company’s latest Kickstarter video. New55 is looking to develop improvements to their current lineup of New55 PN instant film; and to do that they’re taking to Kickstarter. New55 is an instant film company that isn’t talked about as much as Fujifilm and Impossible project, but the images that they’re capable of producing are really beautiful.

In the video, Sam states that the biggest changes will be trying to automate the production process (since right now, it’s all made by hand) and make design changes to the packages.

For the uninitiated, New55 came around a few years ago creating a few type of Instant Film. In a way you can compare them to Ilford because they only do black and white film. The film is pretty beautiful but if you do into forums everywhere, you’ll read about just how difficult it can be to work with. Think of it like the older version of Impossible Project film. Remember how the old black and white film used to be sort of fussy and then after a few days the black and white photos would do to sepia?

Well the Impossible Project for the most part changed that even though the black and whites still do go to sepia after months or a year down the line. It’s highly unlike the Fujifilm Monochrome instant film.

A successful campaign will cure some of the film packet alignment flaws visible at the top of this decent negative. (Portrait of the children by Laena Wilder in “Zanzibar Memoir”)

The New55 PN Instant film Kickstarter has a lot of details about what they’re trying to do, which more or less just seems like a more reliable product that delivers more consistent results. A big part of this has to do with the pod that contains the chemicals. You see, instant film has a large unused area of space due to the fact that said space has a pod with film chemicals. When the film sheet rolls through the rollers then the pod pops and the film chemicals get spread through the print.

Check out the New55 PN Improvement Kickstarter campaign by clicking this link. When you pledge $75, you’ll get 5 sheets of black and white New55 PN.