Brand Loyalty Isn’t a One Way Street. They Need to Closely Listen to Us

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I’ve decided not to name names, but all brands are guilty of not listening to their core users at one point or another. Some are more guilty than others. Usually, a camera is merely a tool for our work, and any brand’s camera can get the job done if used correctly. But sometimes, it’s not just a tool. The brand’s styling and ergonomics can become extensions of our passion and a fashionable way of expressing our style. The more we invest in a brand, the more we consider ourselves part of its extended family. And at some point or another, a family can let us down. This won’t be an article about how long your loyalty to a brand should exist. Nor is it going to be about whether your brand is worth fighting for against someone else. This article is about brands being loyal in return to us.

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3 Ways the Nikon z7 Improved After Its Updates (and What’s Still Wrong)

The Nikon z7 just wasn’t ready for the market at launch, but it’s been profoundly improved.

When the Nikon z7 was launched, it perplexed a lot of journalists. It didn’t feel like it was ready for the market. There are a lot of odd things about the Nikon z7 and the rest of the Z series, but the company has worked to make it more usable and better overall. These improvements mostly in the form of firmware updates. However, Nikon did it right by launching some of their best and most essential lenses first. Photographers who like the Nikon way of doing things will be attracted to the z7: they do a lot of little things differently than the entire rest of the industry. Further, their system is available at a very steep discount as of the publishing of this story.

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B+W Filters is Showing off Their New Packaging at Photokina

Schneider Kreuznach is set to present several improvements to their B+W Filters at the Photokina 2018.

If you’re already excited about checking out the manufacturers’ booths for the upcoming Photokina on September 26 – 29 in Cologne, you might want to add Schneider Kreuznach on your list. The German optics company is set to bring some improvements to their B+W Filters and related accessories. These include new packaging design, a B+W ND Calculator App, innovative surface coating for filter mounts, and new B+W square filters. Landscape photographers in particular may be interested in checking these out.

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Adobe Packs New Features and Updates to the Lightroom CC Ecosystem

Heads up, Lightroom CC users. Adobe has just rolled out some fresh updates for the entire ecosystem, including some improvements based on major customer-requested features.

Adobe announced today some new features and updates to the entire Lightroom CC ecosystem, beginning with those now available for Lightroom Classic and Lightoom CC for Mac and Windows. Updates to Android and iOS will follow in the next few weeks. These also include some improvements based on customers’ most requested features, interface changes, and support for new cameras and lenses.

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New55 Takes to Kickstarter to Fund New55 PN Large Format Instant Film Improvements

“These changes will include 1, a mask to give a better spread, 2 a better developer reagent and a pod that isn’t quite so fussy, and three a smoother, better print.” says says Sam Heiser from New55 in the company’s latest Kickstarter video. New55 is looking to develop improvements to their current lineup of New55 PN instant film; and to do that they’re taking to Kickstarter. New55 is an instant film company that isn’t talked about as much as Fujifilm and Impossible project, but the images that they’re capable of producing are really beautiful.

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Adobe’s Latest Photoshop CC Updates Include Ability To Modify Eyes Separately In Face-Aware Liquefy

Adobe has some new updates and feature improvements coming down the pipe for Photoshop that was announced officially this morning. Among them, one of the biggest is no doubt the improvement to face-aware liquefy that now allows post-producers to modify the eyes of their subject independently of one another, a nice improvement over the previous build which limited users to modifying both eyes at the same time. Continue reading…

The Fujifilm X Pro 1 and XE-1 Are Getting Focus Peaking

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer SLR Magic 23mm f1.7 lens fujifilm x pro product photos (7 of 7)ISO 4001-200 sec at f - 5.0

Something that Fujifilm users have been asking for almost non-stop is a focus peaking feature. It was built into the X100s and it worked pretty darned well. Focus peaking allows a user to clearly see what is in focus when manually focusing–and will be an awesome addition with something like the SLR Magic 27mm f1.7. Today, Fujifilm is letting you all know that later on in June and then another one in July, we’ll be getting a sweet update that includes focus peaking–and it will be coming to the X Pro 1 and XE-1.

The company is also continuing to improve the autofocus with current lenses. All the details are after the jump.

When these updates are applied, we’re going to do a comprehensive update to the autofocus section of our Fujifilm X Pro 1 review and our 35mm f1.4 review. Plus we’ll update our comparison against the OMD. We’re super excited about this because Fujifilm has shown the commitment to supporting their products more than any other company via loads of firmware updates.

Via DPReeview

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