The Foldio 3 Has Eight Cubic Feet of Photography Space That Folds Down to Less Than 3 Inches Flat

The Foldio 3 is designed for those who love that classic product photography look and also for those who need to do bigger products at times. We’ve previously reviewed the Foldio 360–which lets you also do 360 photography. But now, the Foldio 3 is on Kickstarter and is promising a lot of new potential including more lights, more space, etc. Specifically, this is the light tent that lets you create seamless whites and blacks in an image that’s pretty much the industry standard.

So who would want this? Apparently, a ton of folks. Many people just like shooting with this setup for fun and because it gives them a more professional look to images that they’re shooting of let’s say coffee or tea. It’s not the lifestyle photography that everyone and trends tend to lean towards, but it’s still pretty much the standard for the web and magazines. The Foldio 3 is nice for product photography for small businesses really because it’s so simple to use and can even be used with a phone. Though to be honest, I still recommend using a dedicated camera because everyone will totally be able to tell that you shot something with your phone.

Here are some of the main features:

  • Pop-up lightbox that assembles in seconds using magnets
  • Eight cubic feet of space inside. 2.5x bigger than the Foldio2
  • Folds down to 2⅔ inches flat for easy portability
  • Includes a Triple Strip LED that illuminates the entire interior
  • Fully compatible with Orangemonkie’s magnetic Halo Bar LEDs to eliminate shadows and Foldio360 to take 360º product shots
  • Early bird prices starting at $99

$99 for what is promising to both have great build quality (like the previous version) and a lot of potential overall when you include the velvet backdrops that can be used is surely worth the investment for your business that will continue to pay for itself.

Check out the Foldio 3 on Kickstarter.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.