Drake Gave Away Disposable Cameras at His Concerts, And You Can Buy One for $15

While everyone seems to love instant film and instax a whole lot, the spot where Kodak may still have a weird advantage could be disposable cameras. Take, for example, these disposable cameras that were given away to VIP guests during his Summer 2016 tour. Why? Not sure exactly, but it probably may consist of people not being allowed to use their phones–which is a growing issue around concerts. So to get people to be able to take photos, they can use these customized and branded Kodak disposable cameras from Drake.

The cameras are available for sale on the Facebook marketplace group Film Photo Gear, and they’re shipping from LA. Here’s the description:

Kodak DRAKE Summer Sixteen “the 6” Tour Branded Sealed Disposable Cameras
Los Angeles, CA

Ok these are pretty unique. For sale I have promotional tour cameras from Drake’s Summer 16 Tour. These were for the VIP guests only.

If your into Drake and into film then these are for you.
Sealed and fridge kept. Expire 9/2018

Many Available!

$15 each shipped within US

So why does this even warrant a post? For the analog film community, it’s actually pretty cool and unusual that a major artist even considers using a disposable camera. They’re getting popular these days and artists of all types are using them again. They’re a major slap in the face to the other part of the industry that strives for perfection and instead looks for perfection in imperfection. Call it hipster if you wish, but it’s really just the continued evolution of the photography world. We all acknowledge that digital has its place, but so too does being able to have fun with a photo and not staring at a screen for hours on hours.

I’m excited for our disposable camera future.

Go check out the listing for yourself.

Chris Gampat

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