The Intrepid Large Format Camera Offers 8×10 at an Affordable Price

Within the first hour of launching on Kickstarter, the Intrepid Large Camera received full 100% backing. Who says film is dead? The Intrepid large format camera is coming in an 8×10 size with a portable, foldable design. Of course it uses bellows like many of the other large format cameras out there. But it additionally uses a Sinar lens board.

For the uninitiated, large format is a different beast. You got a lens board, the lens (which traditionally has the shutter and aperture though there are large format cameras that are more SLR like in creation at 4×5 sizes) the lens bellows, the ground glass, the film holder, and the ability to focus by moving the bellows with the tilt shift ability. This isn’t the first camera that Intrepid has made and they’re calling this one a Field camera. You’ll be able to shoot negative, slide, and instant film with this camera. Plus at a certain backing level, you’ll be able to get a reducing back that allows the camera to shoot in the 4×5 format.

Tech Specs

  •  2.2kg/4.8 Pounds
  •  310x310mm (75mm Folded)
  •  Sinar Lens Board
  •  Min/Max extension bellows: 40 – 600 mm
  •  Front Rise/Fall + 70 / – 65 mm
  •  Front Shift: +/- 55 mm
  •  Front Tilt: over 45° limited by bellows
  •  Front Swing: over 45° limited by bellows
  •  Rear Tilt:- +/- 35º
  •  Tripod Mount: Standard 3/8” + 1/4”


  • Works with standard 8×10 holders including instant 8×10 holders and our own affordable 8×10 holder
  • Bright and sharp hand ground glass focussing screen with 1/2 inch Grid
  • Bellows are made from waterproof ripstop nylon with a light and IR proof internal layer
  • Made from birch plywood that we pick out our ourselves and anodised aluminium for structural components, our camera is the only affordable 8×10 made from high quality and long lasting materials
  • Rotating back for landscape and portrait shots
  • High quality rack and pinion focusing mechanism
  • Marine grade shock cord for the spring back
  • Choice of bellows colours red/blue/black/green

Check out the Intrepid on Kickstarter.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.