Kannetha Brown Wants to Empower Her People Through Her Photography

“Photographs of your community inspire unity,” says Cambodian-American photographer Kannetha Brown about her idea for her latest photo series. A chance trip to an art show led her to stumble upon an incredible series of portraits that heavily inspired her. Spurred by that feeling, she decided to do a similar series about members of her own ethnic community.

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He Made His Own Large Format Camera and Old School Flash Powder

Nikolai Nielsen’s passion for building his own cameras, including large format cameras, was something he discovered by accident.

Most photographers who build their own cameras, especially large format cameras, started out driven by an interest in traditional photographic processes. For South Africa-based Nikolai Nielsen, however, discovering camera building was a fortunate accident. Anyone who knew of his passions — mainly chemistry, pyrotechnics, and rocketry — would be surprised that he took up making cameras for what he calls “from scratch” photography. However, motivated by his DIY spirit and a chance event that introduced him to traditional photography, it was only a matter of time before he was building his own cameras.

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Intrepid 4×5 Now Available in First Ever Limited Black Edition

Finally, the Intrepid 4×5 is now up for grabs in a sleek, all-black edition, but for a limited time only.

Large format photography is still very much alive, so if you’re keen on getting into the craft, now is one of the best times to grab a camera and get started. There are plenty of options, both old and new, but if you have a taste for large format cameras in modern classic designs, the newly launched Black Edition Intrepid 4×5 will surely be of interest. But, you have to be quick; this gorgeous version of the popular Intrepid camera won’t be up for grabs for long.

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How to Make Ground Glass for a Large Format Camera

Markus Hofstaetter recently shared how he makes ground glass for a large format camera in this cool video.

Austrian wet plate and wedding photographer Markus Hofstaetter has always been our go-to guy when it comes to all things cool about large format photography, especially wet plate photography. Aside from taking impressive, one-of-a-kind snaps, he’s also quite the handyman with his cameras and often makes modifications and DIY parts required by his projects. The latest of these is DIY ground glass for the large format camera. As always, he documented the process in a cool video and shared a bit of information about it with us.

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20×24 Studio Berlin: Keeping Large Format Instant Photography Alive Today

If you loved our feature on how old school photography studios are standing out today, here’s our full interview with 20×24 Studio Berlin’s Markus Mahla for additional reading.

We’re confident that some of you are shocked that the film industry is still alive and kicking. If you fall into this camp, you’d be even more astonished to find out that even older, more ancient, antiquated photography processes — tintypes and ambrotypes — are still around. Best of all, you can book a sitting today with studios offering portrait sessions in these unique processes. We very recently got in touch with a bunch of these old school photography studios to find out how they are standing out from their modern counterparts. You’ve most likely read about that here. However, we also wanted to share with our readers our full interview with each of these studios to paint a clearer picture of their visions, how they work, and what it’s like running their unique spaces.

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Michael Massaia’s Fine Art Photography Is a Quest for Perfection

All images by Michael Massaia. Used with permission.

Michael Massaia likes to walk amongst the creatures of the night. It is where he is most content and able to create stunning fine art photography. A self-described perfectionist, Michael takes his time in order to bring captivating concepts to fruition. His work has been exhibited far and wide and his prints admired, purchased, and hung by many people who love his work.

We caught up with Michael to see what life is like as a fine art photographer always on the quest to find perfection.

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The Standard 4×5 Lets You Build Your Own Modular Large Format Camera

Building your own camera is always a bright idea, so you might want to give The Standard 4×5 modular DIY large format camera a shot.

If you think you’d like to progress from making your own pinhole cameras to something bigger and more complicated, we’ve found just the right stuff for you. Photographer Drew Nikonowicz offers to give you a head start to building your own large format camera through The Standard 4×5, currently being funded on Kickstarter.

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Mijonju Introduces Photographers to Shooting Large Format with a Wista 45D Camera

For the latest installment of The Mijonju Show, we get some quick tips on shooting with a large format camera.

In case you haven’t heard yet, everyone’s favorite camera lover and collector Mijonju is back with The Mijonju Show. We’ve previously seen him test and review the MiNT InstantKon RF70 prototype a few months ago. In his most recent analog adventure, he takes us to a quick portrait session with a 4×5 large format camera. Step right up if you’re planning to shoot large format soon!

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This Photographer Shot a Large Format Camera While Flying in a Plane as Part of a Bet

Photographer Sebastian Schweers tells us about how he got to shoot a large format camera while flying a plane

“The whole thing came out of a bit of a bet,” says Sebastian Schweers about shooting from an airplane with a large format camera. At ISO 100, f8 and 1/250th, Sebastian was able to get this pretty cool photo opening our story. Sebastian has an interesting family history with photography being a big part of it and aviation being another large part. So when Sebastian shared this image, we were able to get in contact with him and asked him for a feature.

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“She Found Me” Kurt Moser’s Words About His Camera and Shooting Will Make You Smile

“Lightcatcher” Kurt Moser tells about his “crazy love story” with a 111-year-old camera in this Al Jazeera short film

A few months back, we had the spotlight on Italy-based photographer Kurt Moser and his mind-blowing project – transforming a URAL 375 truck into one of the biggest mobile cameras in the world to take massive ambrotypes of the breath-taking Dolomites. Today, we learn about how his love affair with wet plate photography started with the discovery of a massive 111-year-old camera.

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The World’s First 8×10 Large Format Digital Camera is Yours for $106,000

The large format bellows camera goes completely digital in this hefty-sized, hefty-priced creation by LargeSense.

If you’ve ever wondered whether those massive 8×10 large format cameras will ever have digital counterparts, the answer now is yes. Say hello to the LargeSense LS911, which lays claim to the title of “world’s first 8×10 digital single shot camera for sale.” With this mammoth digital camera, you’ll be able to truly go big or go home in terms of image sensor size. But you’ll also need deeper pockets: it’s priced at a whopping $106,000.

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20×24 Studio to Keep Operating Throughout 2018

Don’t put off that 20×24 Studio experience any longer!

If trying out the fabled 20×24 Polaroid folding camera has been on your photography bucket list, we have some good news for you. The 20×24 Studio, in New York City, has recently announced they will continue to be open for studio and production operations throughout 2018. According to their announcement, there were previous plans to cease operations at the end of 2017. However, that changed with the improvements in reagent recipes and production procedures this summer. With these, the studio saw enhanced performance of the remaining film stock for the iconic 20×24 Polaroid camera.

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Irene Rudnyk Shares Her First Large Format Camera Experience

Sreenshot image from the video by Irene Rudnyk on Large Format cameras

Surely, anyone who’s a fan of traditional photography today has large format photography on his or her bucket list. Thankfully, we have a lot of online resources to feed this curiosity with, whether it’s about getting the right gear to get started or learning the entire shooting process. In one of her recent videos, natural light photographer Irene Rudnyk gets to have a go with this beautiful medium for the first time, with pretty amazing results.

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Watch How Handcrafted Wooden Wet Plate Cameras are Made

Screenshot image from the video by Dieter Schneider’s video on wooden wet plate cameras

It’s always entertaining to watch how things are being made, especially if it’s a trusty camera you use all the time. But, let’s step away from the high-tech guts and circuits of DSLRs and other digital cameras for now. Instead, let’s watch something from the photography of centuries past be painstakingly handmade today. In a showcase of impressive craftsmanship, Norwegian photographer Dieter Schneider shows us how he makes his beautiful wooden cameras for wet plate photography.

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Cahute Preserves The Traditional Large Format Portrait Photography On Direct Positive Paper

All images by Cahute Studio. Used with permission. 

While the world now revolves around digital photography with the Megapickles race running rampant, there is still a movement of going back to and enjoying traditional approach in photography. Take Cahute for example–a portrait studio based in Finland that specializes in 8×10 large format camera on direct positive paper.

Cahute was founded by Jaana and Lorenzö, whom we had a pleasure of corresponding with. Jaana and Lorenzö strongly believe that photographs are made to last and should be in physical format that can be easily handled and passed on. They have a 1966 magnesium Calumet C1 camera and a 300mm Caltar lens mounted on a sturdy, heavy duty Linhof tripod #3233 in the older grey version. They claimed this creates a unique experience for people having their portraits taken in the studio, sitting still posing in front of an unusually large sized camera that exposed directly onto 8×10 paper. Continue reading…

This is What It’s Like to Shoot Large Format Instant Film

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 6.43.18 AM

While it’s no longer essentially used in professional photography these days, large format film photography has attracted a loyal following, especially from the worldwide community of film shooters. It’s easy to understand why – shooting in large format is not only more advantageous in terms of resolution, it’s also a more contemplative process that allows a photographer to be more involved with creating the actual photo. Plus, the end result just looks so dope.

If large format has piqued your interest, now’s probably the best time to get right on it. Large format cameras are easy to come by on eBay (though you may have to pay more for better quality), and there’s still a good amount of film left on the market, although many have been discontinued in production.

Before you go on a shopping spree though, we suggest watching Stefan Litster’s YouTube video on shooting in large format (a Zone VI large format camera, to be exact) with the Fuji peel-apart instant films. Shot in the streets of Victoria, British Columbia, this video is not so much a tutorial as it is showing you the actual experience of shooting with a large format camera – those very impressed people in video, they’re one of the many perks of shooting instant film! The video does, however, offer some pointers on how to load the film into the instant back and how to handle the film as shoot as you’ve taken the shot, which is very helpful if you’ve never shot Fuji’s peel-apart films before (the films are $20 a pop); and it makes the whole process look super easy.

Check out the video after the jump.


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