Intrepid 4×5 Now Available in First Ever Limited Black Edition

Finally, the Intrepid 4×5 is now up for grabs in a sleek, all-black edition, but for a limited time only.

Large format photography is still very much alive, so if you’re keen on getting into the craft, now is one of the best times to grab a camera and get started. There are plenty of options, both old and new, but if you have a taste for large format cameras in modern classic designs, the newly launched Black Edition Intrepid 4×5 will surely be of interest. But, you have to be quick; this gorgeous version of the popular Intrepid camera won’t be up for grabs for long.

For those who have been waiting to get this first-ever all-black design, UK-based Intrepid Camera has officially opened orders on its website. However, they noted that only a small batch was made: once sold out, this version will no longer be available. So, if a sleek large format camera is still on your wishlist, now is your chance!

According to Intrepid, the Black Edition Intrepid 4×5 is made primarily of high-quality 3D printed parts and anodized aluminum, featuring rear focus control for precision and fully independent front standard movements (as with the 4×5 MK4). Weighing only 1 kg, it makes a perfect large format companion for shooting both in the studio and the great outdoors.

For those who are just learning about the Intrepid 4×5 camera, it takes 4×5 sheet films (color negative, color slide, and black and white), as well as medium format films in frame sizes from 6×6 to 6×17 and instant film like the New55, Fuji FP 100C, or expired Polaroid film. For those who want to experiment with more wet plate processes, this camera can accommodate glass plates or tintypes using regular film folders or specially designed holders.

Black Edition Intrepid 4×5 Specifications:

  • Max bellows extension: 320mm
  • Min bellows extension: 75mm
  • Max Front Rise/Fall: + 42 – 30mm
  • Max Front Shift: +/- 30mm
  • Max Front Tilt +/- 45º
  • Max Front Swing +/- 45º
  • Rear Tilt + / – 30º
  • Folded Dimensions: 180x180x78 mm
  • Weight: 1 Kg/2.2 Ib
  • Tripod mount 1/4” and 3/8”
  • Linhof/Technika lens board compatible
  • Lenses from 75mm-300mm (75mm may require a recessed lens board)
  • Comes with a high-quality ground glass screen with a 1/2” grid

Head to the Intrepid Camera website for more information about the new Black Edition Intrepid 4×5 and grab one for £320 while you still can!