The Simple First Step to Making Your Food Photography Look Better Every Time

This is one of the first steps that we’re going to teach in our Food Photography workshop later this month. It involves lighting your food in a different way and is just the first step involved with making your food photos look great. More importantly though, this is a piece of information that will help you make better lighting decisions every time.

But like everything else in photography: it isn’t always just technical info that makes a great photo.

We did this video a while back and it demonstrates how you light a food photo. The idea is that many food photos out there look like they were lit with window lighting. The reason for this is because it’s homey and familiar to everyone. So it involves using flash output to either “create your own window” or augment the natural light already in the scene. Of course though, this isn’t all that goes into creating a better photo of food. The workshop we’re teaching will also outline:

  • Styling food images based on a restaurant’s wants, needs and identity
  • Setting the scene for better food photos
  • Observing angles
  • Getting the shot in just a few frames by spending less time with the camera actually in your hands
  • Making appetizing photos and paying attention to details
  • A tactic to make better photos at any time of the day or night
  • Better color in camera so you spend less time editing
  • A real-life setting designed to simulate an actual assignment

Everyone will be walking away with their own unique photos. This workshop is designed to be small, intimate and highly focused on learning. So we’re limiting the participation. We’re also including:

  • A three course dinner
  • A 24/7 sling camera bag courtesy of Adorama
  • A private critique session afterwards at the Adorama event space

All this for just $300–which is an absolutely incredible deal. We hope you’ll join us in Brooklyn later this month.

Or if you’re interested, purchase our brand new tutorial videos instead.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.