Fotodiox Announces Two New FlapJack LED Edgelights

Fotodiox FlapJack

The ability to shape light is a necessity for the success of any photographer. For photographers and videographers looking for soft, even light without bulk, and the ability to work unplugged, Fotodiox has announced two new FlapJack LED edge lights – the Studio XL and the 1.5×1.5. Each of the edge lights offer manual and DMX control of brightness levels and color temperature. Both the FlapJack Studio XL and the FlapJack 1.5×1.5 offer the same, even lighting, the ability to work in the studio or on-location, and to work without sacrificing the slim profile of previous models; now in two new sizes.

FlapJack Studio XL

Fotodiox FlapJack

The FlapJack Studio XL offers the largest and softest light made by Fotodiox. The 30-inch LED Edgelight provides soft, even illumination without hotspots or glare. Rated at 1980 lumens of power, its silent fan-less operation, and the ability to be powered by an AC adapter or twin V-lock battery plates,  the FlapJack Studio XL is perfect for stills or video in the studio or on location.

FlapJack 1.5×1.5 Specs

Fotodiox FlapJack

Like its bigger brother, the FlapJack 1.5×1.5 offers many of the same features in a more compact package and with the addition of barn doors to help you shape and direct light to suit your creative vision. The FlapJack 1.5×1.5 is rated at 1278 lumens of power and comes with its own custom-fitted carrying case.

Unlike traditional LED lights, both the FlapJack Studio XL and the FlapJack 1.5×1.5 are built with the LEDs arranged at the edges of the frame and pointed at reflective material providing the user with soft, pre-diffused light. Like all FlapJack products, both the Studio XL and 1.5×1.5 have a super low profile design and allow for adjustments in color temperature ranging from 3200k to 5600k. The FlapJack Studio XL and FlapJack 1.5×1.5 are both available now with an MSRP of $1,099.95 and $649.95, respectively.