The Most Surprising Light? Lowel EGO LED Review

I’m a snob about lighting. I still, to this day, swear by what a flash can do vs an LED for the same price. And I think off-camera lighting is a creative tool not only designed for when a place is too dark. For many reasons, the Lowel EGO LED shouldn’t leave your home studio. But no matter what, it will give pretty great light, and it surprised me in ways I didn’t think would happen.

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The Best Lighting for Photographers Under $1,000 (We Reviewed Them!)

Light is everything in photography, and we believe that every photographer should know how to use it. Portrait photographers, wedding photographers, photojournalists, and others need to learn lighting. And for the most part, you’ll get more from a light when you get a strobe or a flash vs an LED. You’ll spend a lot less time doing post-production. And you’ll also thank yourself for being more organized in the first place. Take a look at our tests for the best lighting for photographers under $1,000.

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The Phoblographer’s Guide on How to Use a Softbox for Newbies

Think about a softbox. And then think about a hose and the water spraying out. If the hose doesn’t have much of a nozzle on it, then the water is just going to spray. But consider one of those nozzles with lots of different shapes. Twist it one way, and the water will come out very tight and concentrated. Twist it another way and the water will come out almost like a showerhead. Twist it again, the water may come out more wide–perfect for getting lots of your friends wet during the summer. Think about all this when we explain how a softbox works.

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We Tested the 3 Best LED Lights for Photographers

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LED lights are so cool! They’re easy to use. Gel them a bit and they can give you a totally different look. Better yet, they’re incredibly versatile, which let’s you focus on just creating. The cherry on top: they can give you a cinematic look. Most of The Phoblographer staff swear by flash and studio strobes, but there are times when an LED can surely do the job. Lucky for you, we’ve reviewed some of the best LED lights for photographers. Dive in with us!

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A Powerful LED Option! Stella Pro Clx10 Review

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Over the years, LED lighting has offered photographers a cost-effective and creative option to up their lighting game. If you were to search for a portable LED, the options are very slim. Light & Motion is one of the only brands to bridge that gap. Their Stella Pro Clx10 is a powerfully compact and versatile offering that will entice a lot of photographers. It features an integrated battery, bi-color LED options and packs a lot of power for its fun size. The question is, can it truly replace the need for strobes as advertised?

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A Constant Light That’s Built Like A Tank: The LitraPro LED Light Review

Photographers in search of a constant light that is well built and waterproof will want to check out LitraPro. Just make sure you’ve got deep pockets.

Beginner photographers are often intimated by stroboscopic flash. As a result, those just getting their feet wet with photographic lighting often look to constant lighting as an alternative. Consequently, we’ve seen plenty of LED constant lighting options come to market in recent years. Their overall quality has improved as well. The LitraPro is one such example. It combines a waterproof aluminum housing with a maximum light output of 1,200 lumens and the ability to use a variety of light modifiers. That all sounds great on paper, but is the LitraPro up to the task under real world conditions? Find out in our full review.

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LEDs Still Can’t Beat a Flash: LitraTorch 2.0 LED Light Review

At the same price point, I think a photographer can get a better flash than the LitraTorch 2.0 LED light.

The long term complaint from many photographers is that learning how to use a flash is hard. And with the prevalence of LED lights, it seems like the industry is trying to fight the tried and true flash. But at similar price points to the LitraTorch 2.0, I think a photographer might get more from a flash. LEDs are fantastic; don’t get me wrong. You can have endless fun with them. But if what you want is power output and that extra sparkle, then only a flash will do the job unless you spend a long time in Photoshop or Lightroom. While everyone has told me over and over again that LEDs have gotten better and better, there are still major limitations.

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New Photographers: I’m Begging You to Not Be This Guy

New photographers tend to do things that annoy lots of people, and this is something you shouldn’t do at all.

If someone were constantly shooting a flash in your face, how would you react? Wouldn’t your eyes need a break? It would get annoying and you’d probably want to commit a small act of violence against the offender. So what happened to me and a buddy the other night at a Seiko event is the more modernized version of that. Instead of using a flash, a photographer just had a straight LED light on top of their Canon EOS R and shot non-stop. It was really, really annoying for a number of reasons.

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Photographer Zen Sekizawa Relies on ARRI Lighting for “The Dance”

In “The Dance” Sekizawa explores the breaking down of traditional ideals of Japanese refinement through the avant-garde dance form known as Butoh. This project compiles slow motion, still photography, and stop-motion to create one seamless 10-second looping film.

Veteran commercial photographer/director Zen Sekizawa just finished a multimedia project that explores the role of Japanese women through the avant-garde Butoh dance. In “The Dance,” Sekizawa captured film, photography and stop-motion separately and compiled the elements into one seamless 10-second looping film and two photographs. She relied on ARRI SkyPanels for the entire production. “I used light intensity, light movement, and light color to explore the inseparable relationship between motion and time,” she explains. “I really love the amount of intensity and saturation the SkyPanels are capable of!”

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Can You Use the Constant Light Built Into a Strobe for Photography?

Some photographers want to use a constant light while they learn how to light their photos, so does a strobe’s LED really work?

Admit it; if you’re reading this then you probably don’t know a lot about lighting. That’s okay. We can supplement the fact that you suck at lighting with a strobe’s constant light, right? This light is called the modeling light and it’s designed to give a preview of what your flash’s output will look like. Lots of photographers want to know if it’s really worth it. The truth is it’s a very complicated answer. There are lots of times when it’s just easier to use an LED constant light. But more often than not, that’s because photographers don’t know how to light. I have to admit, considering what I know about using a strobe, it was actually harder for me to use a constant light than it was a strobe. Here’s what happened.

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Lume Cube AIR is a New Versatile and Portable Lighting for Content Creators

The new and improved Lume Cube AIR promises to be an all-in-one, portable, and on-the-go light for all your shooting needs.

Content creators looking for versatile lighting that they can take anywhere may want to check out the all-new Lume Cube AIR. This improved version of the original Lume Cube promises to be a reliable, all-in-one light in the smallest and lightest package for shooting better photos and videos with either a smartphone or professional DSLR camera. If you’re doing a lot of projects on the go, this may be another useful and affordable tool for your lighting needs.

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“SunnyMoon” is an Expandable and Portable Photo and Video Lighting That Promises to Replace Your Softboxes

Kickstarter project “SunnyMoon” could just be the portable and flexible lighting solution you need for your photo and video projects.

If you’re still looking for a bright solution to light up your photo and video projects, we’ve found something that could just be interesting to you. Meet “SunnyMoon”, an innovative Kickstarter project designed by EnoLight to improve and simplify lighting setup.

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Polaroid Offers Versatile and Bendable Lighting in a Portable Package

All images courtesy of Polaroid Flexible LED Lighting Panel listing on Amazon

Polaroid recently announced its Flexible LED Lighting Panel, a lightweight and bendable light source that promises to be a must-have accessory for photographers and videographers of all levels. If you’re always on the go, do a lot of location shoots, or would like to have a more portable and versatile light source, this new equipment could be useful for you.

The Flexible LED Lighting Panel can be shaped to your desired form and position because of its pliable flat-mat material. With this, you can produce focused control over the light’s direction and fall-off by simply molding and reshaping the panel. Measuring 12 x 12″, just 16mm thick, and weighs only one pound, this super slim lighting panel makes for a handy, ultra portable tool you can easily bring with you everywhere as part of your professional set-up.

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PHOTONICZ ONE Wants to be the First Weather Sealed, Fully Functional LED Strobe

For years now, I’ve not been a fan of LED strobes or flashes simply because they’re just not powerful, but a new option called the PHOTONICZ ONE is promising to put that problem to rest. But it’s also claiming it can go a step beyond. Besides offering 2,500 watt seconds of power, it’s claiming to offer a flash duration of 1/50,000 at 30 frames per second at full power. Then there’s the TTL options for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Fujifilm, Panasonic and a Olympus. But even then, what’s even more astounding is that they’re offering weather sealing and a full color Touch LED screen panel.

Sounds pretty insane, right? Right, I’m glad I’m not the only one.

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Polaroid’s New Flexible Twin Flash Lights May Get You Mistaken For An Alien

In the world of photography lighting, it seems that nothing is off limits, even odd dual flex lights meant for on camera use in macro photography. Polaroid, a brand that continues day by day to make us wonder how our necks aren’t giving out from shaking our heads, has announced their new [amazon_textlink asin=’B01DOIYG7W’ text=’Flexible Twin Flash Lights’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thephobl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’42f6bf3e-881f-11e7-a3cd-6104c08e93b5′] for Macro Photographers. Continue reading…

The New Motorola Moto Z Force Sports Dual Rear Cameras, One Black and White

Today, Motorola is working to reinvent themselves as a company, and to start the initiative they’re launching the new Motorola Moto Z Force phone with compatibility for the Moto Mods that are apparently making the phones so popular. Key to the photography audience is the fact that Motorola is touting dual rear cameras on the back of the phone–one that has black and white capabilities and the other has color. There’s a flash below it.

Then on the front, there is a special CCT flash (which isn’t actually a flash at all but instead a really comparatively weak LED lamp) that analyzes the white balance of the area you’re in and matches it accordingly to give you a more color neutral image. Additionally they’re really promoting the depth of field effects–which are simulated. From the examples we saw during the presentation, they don’t truly look that great. But we’re going to need to do independent testing to verify this.

More details are after the jump.

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Review: FlashQ Q20 Miniature Flash/LED Light

The FlashQ Q20 is a response to the need for small, simple to use flashes that also do double duty as LED lights. For today’s creative content creator, it’s a dream–but the implementation of the FlashQ Q20 is something far more likely to be in the hands of an amateur or photographer getting started than an actual working photog. To be fair, it doesn’t seem like it was designed to take on the likes of Adorama’s Flashpoint, B&H Photo’s Impact, Godox, Yongnuo, etc. Instead, the FlashQ Q20 sort of fills a totally different niche. Though it’s marketed as being versatile and easy to use, my independent analysis believes the opposite to actually be true–to a point.

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Review: Westcott Flex Bi-Color Mat

There has been a growing trend in photography leaning more towards working with constant lighting vs strobe; and the Westcott Flex Bi-Color mat seems to really cater to that thought process. I mean, just look at lots of the photography out there and how much it’s involving the use of neon lighting with a portrait subject these days. There’s sure a look there that isn’t very easy to do with strobe. Though for what it’s worth, the Flex Bi-Color isn’t really designed to deliver “that” look. Instead, think of it as a giant Rogue Flashbender with LED Lights built in, a very solid frame, and a very simple control interface.

Then consider that the light temperature works in the same way that color temperature works with none of the tinting abilities and absolutely no reasonable way to gel the light.

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Fotodiox Announces Two New FlapJack LED Edgelights

Fotodiox FlapJack

The ability to shape light is a necessity for the success of any photographer. For photographers and videographers looking for soft, even light without bulk, and the ability to work unplugged, Fotodiox has announced two new FlapJack LED edge lights – the Studio XL and the 1.5×1.5. Each of the edge lights offer manual and DMX control of brightness levels and color temperature. Both the FlapJack Studio XL and the FlapJack 1.5×1.5 offer the same, even lighting, the ability to work in the studio or on-location, and to work without sacrificing the slim profile of previous models; now in two new sizes.
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Review: Foldio 360 Product Smart Turntable Photography Tent

There are two different styles of product photography: lifestyle and the stagnant plain background. For years, both have challenged many people. Lifestyle product photography will always be more complicated while the plain background is more studio style in a controlled environment. But perhaps one of the simplest and most fun way of actually doing the stagnant, plain jane background type of photography is with the Foldio 360. As a super portable, app connected option, the Foldio 360 makes product photography really, really fun.

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A Simple Exercise Every Photographer Can Do to Teach Themselves Lighting

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Fujifilm X100s the party weekend (26 of 31)ISO 64001-20 sec at f - 4.0

Learning about lighting (not necessarily learning to light) is something that every photographer should know and care about. Light is quite literally what helps you to create the images that you do– and it can be done very easily and very efficiently once you understand it. But you shouldn’t be intimidated by it. or at least this one simple exercise will make it easier for you.

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