Mercury Camera Promises a Truly Universal System

Ever wanted to use your medium format Hasselblad lenses with your Bronica ETRS or something along the lines? Well a new Kickstarter called Mercury Camera wants to do something just like that. But it wants to go even further and let you adapt nearly any 35mm, medium format or large format lens with pretty much any negative or instant film back. To boot, you can also adapt any medium format digital camera back.

Just imagine the possibilities!

To get this done, Mercury Camera is going to be open source, and the community will be able to create their very own hacks and customizations. The default configuration is 6×9 medium format. They’re also developing a 35mm panoramic back, in addition to 6×9 and 6×6 backs. Large format users will get a 4×5 Graflok back adapter plus there will be both Instax and Polaroid backs.

Other back adapters will be available for Hasselblad V backs (film or digital), as well as digital backs for the Contax and Mamiya mounts (in the future).

If this actually gets funded and receives all the marketing that it truly deserves, then it could be a giant game changer for all of us.

Here are some sample photos from the Kickstarter.





Chris Gampat

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