An Analysis of EyeEm’s Most Popular Cameras

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Photography app EyeEm is one of the best ways for a photographer to organically get discovered. You’ll also notice the feed is much different from Instagram. Your feed is filled with handpicked talent and albums so new talent can emerge. If you want to view what your friends are contributing, then you’ll need to specifically go to the “following” tab.

Browsing through the work of the artists on the platform introduces you to some of the similarities with VSCO and Instagram. For example, while lots of folks use their phones to shoot photos, there are many that use dedicated cameras and then upload to the service.

In fact, it may seem that dedicated cameras are more popular here than other platforms due to the bigger emphasis on art rather than celebrities, cats, and more. According to the company’s data, the most popular camera manufacturers in order are:

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This isn’t really surprising as both Apple and Samsung have the most popular phones in the world and Canon and Nikon has most of the market share of the interchangeable lens camera industry. The only other dedicated camera manufacturer on this list is Sony, although we should clarify that Samsung does a pretty good job on making cameras too.

When it comes to actual devices used, the data becomes even more interesting. Apple’s iPHone 6 is the community’s most popular camera despite only being out for around a year. Phones overall dominate the list with Samsung being a big chunk of it and the Nexus 5 inching its way in there. As far as dedicated cameras go, it seems that EyeEm belongs to the hobbyists and enthusiasts still trying to build themselves. The Nikon D3200 and the Canon 60D are the most popular dedicated cameras.

Here’s the list:

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#1 iPhone 6
#2 iPhone 5 (s)
#3 iPhone 4 (s)
#4 iPhone 6 plus
#5 Samsung Galaxy S 3
#6 Samsung Galaxy S 5
#7 Samsung Galaxy S 4
#8 Nexus 5
#9 NIKON D3200
#10 Canon EOS 60D

Indeed, Nikon’s D3200 is one of Amazon’s best sellers.

So what does this actually mean? To be honest, not much when it comes to true creativity. Mobile phones have proven to the art community that a photographer’s work mostly depends on their ideas rather than the gear. These days, photographers shoot ad campaigns with phones. However, many people who get the iPhone do it for the camera’s abilities. In fact, Apple has patents to make the camera even better.

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