Kahren Sabater: Double Exposures On Film


All images by Kahren Sabater. Used with permission. 

Photographer Kahren Sabater got into photography back in high school. “We had a Photojournalism assignment and I had to borrow a camera because I could not afford one during that time. I was able to buy my very first camera four years later and used it while on vacation in the Philippines. I got a chance to help a friend finish her portfolio for her finals which made me feel that I needed to do more photography.” says Kahren. “I then got into the diploma program at PrairieView School of Photography. Fast forward to now and here I am still shooting and loving every bit of it.”

Kahren finds double exposures interesting–and does lots of them using a Canon Elan 7 and film.
“It also gives me a thrill whenever I get my negs at the lab. I feel like I’m in a different world when I look at the images.” says Kahren.

Every time she shoots, she becomes even more inspired by the uniqueness of each frame.  She expresses a desire to keep shooting because of this.

Her current projects are called Double X–and they were shot in Alberta and NYC. The images are after the jump–and a big inspiration to those of us who try to do double exposures.









Chris Gampat

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