Become the Stand-Out Photographer You’ve Always Aspired to Be


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It seems as though these days, photographers are a dime a dozen and if you are a photographer, I am sure you have aspirations to stand out from the rest.  But what does it take to become the photographer that everyone is clamouring for?  Those that are successful in photography or anything for that matter offer something that others don’t. They go above and beyond their call of duty.

The most acclaimed photographers are those that truly have a passion for their craft.  They eat, sleep, and breathe photography.  They absorb and soak up as much knowledge as they can stand.  Their appetite to improve and learn more is simply insatiable.  This incredible energy is magnetic, attracting all of the customers you so desire into your services.

If you still doubt this theory of mine, try the following experiment:

●      Conduct a Google Image search.  It can be for weddings, boudoir, portrait, or even newborn photography. 

●      Notice the similarities in posing, processing, and the photographer’s style.

●      More importantly, take note of the differences.

●      Now, take your photography hat off and gaze upon the images as though you were a potential client looking for the perfect photographer.

●      Do you see the difference in your perception?

●      From a client’s perspective, are you looking for the best price or are you more interested in the best quality?

●      What makes the best stand out from the rest?  Their pricing?  Location?  Marketing? Quality of work?

Tips on Being a Unique and Stand Out Photographer

Make a Conscious Choice to Be Different

To be different, you must employ different ideas and techniques.  Take advantage of the unlimited space you have to take photos. In essence, take photos from various and unusual vantage points.  Avoid utilizing ordinary, run-of-the-mill angles.  If you use ordinary angles to take photos, then your results will be just that..ordinary.

Notice What Others Ignore

Take an interest in area most people ignore.  There are outstanding photos to be taken everywhere!  Taking notice and photographing what most people ignore will garner you photos that are not only unique, but interesting as well.

Listen to Your Instincts

Usually, your internal emotions will let you know if you are on the right track.  If you are taking a photo and you are getting strange looks from people, or you feel slightly out of your comfort zone, then by golly, you are heading in the right direction towards a photo that will stand out from all others!

Capturing Action

Action and motion are elements of photography that can really make your photo pop!  They add a new dimension of energy flowing from your photo and viewers will feel it too!

Pay Attention!

Be highly attentive to the myriad of textures, lighting, angles, etc.  Think about your favorite photo and think about what factors make that photo stand out to you.

Be Fearless in Photography

Don’t be afraid to try new and unusual view and vantage points.  You may have to hang upside down from some monkey bars, or steady yourself on the edge of a narrow beam to get the shot no one else has dared to take.  Taking chances like these will reward you with photos that are exclusively awe-inspiring.

Consider the Emotions

Whether you believe it or not, emotions can be conveyed and depth can be added to a photo.  Try to capture the emotions, and you’ll capture the beauty.

Embrace Change

Changing the way you view the planet and the environment in which you thrive will open the door to more individual and exciting photographic opportunities.  Embracing such change also means taking the road less traveled and thinking outside-the-box.  Forget the rules of the game and forge your own.

The choice to become the stand-out photographer that you aspire to be is totally dependent upon your level of motivation and desire.  There is a vibrant and breath-taking world out there waiting to be photographed…are you up for the job?

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.