Tips for Better Photojournalistic Photos at a Wedding

Mary and Tommy Sutor's Wedding Batch 2 (127 of 149)ISO 64001-30 sec at f - 2.8

Some of the best photos that you’ll create while shooting a wedding are the candids. These are the ones that will make someone’s jaw drop or make the happy couple cry.

The folks over at SLR Lounge created a video about shooting better candids in a photojournalistic style. One of the biggest tips: move around. Moving around and not staying in one spot gives you lots of different angles to work with and different compositions. Pye explains it a bit more both in their article and in the video below.

Want more wedding tips? We’re currently running feature interviews with a specially curated list of wedding photographers who have a lot more tips to offer:

Evan Rich: on being a fly on the wall at a wedding, which is basically why Pye is trying to teach though with a different perspective.

Gillespie: a Fine Art approach to weddings.

Calvin Hobson: A military vet turned wedding photographer who persevered through the initial hardships like no other.

Joshua Kane: The business behind being a wedding photographer, and how little he actually shoots.

Eric McFarland: Posing large groups at weddings

Pat Brownewell: Shooting weddings with film and how much work goes into a single photo.

Angie Candella: Posing a bride

Dylan and Sara: Wedding photography marketing mavens.

Chris Gampat

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