Profoto Announces New Small, Deep Parabolic Umbrellas



Profoto is expanding their existing lineup of parabolic umbrellas by announcing six new ones today. These six new models are said to be small, lightweight, deep and parabolic in shape (meaning that it pitches the light forward much more. These are complementary to the previous lineup announced last year

The smallest of the bunch comes in a 33 inches and is called the Profoto Umbrella Deep S (for small). It can come in white, silencer or translucent (shoot through.) But there is also a medium version being announced called the Deep M which comes in at 41 inches..

Profoto states that the deep and round shape comes from having lots of umbrella rods–16 actually. Of course, you can also get diffusion socks for the umbrellas or a back panel for the translucent version.

More images are after the jump along with a product video. The umbrellas being used in action can be seen at Profoto’s blog.



Profoto-releases-small-yet-deep-and-parabolic-umbrellas-h3025-100987-Umbrella-Deep-Silver-M Profoto-releases-small-yet-deep-and-parabolic-umbrellas-h3025-100986-Umbrella-Deep-White-M Profoto-releases-small-yet-deep-and-parabolic-umbrellas-h3025-100985-Umbrella-Deep-Translucent-S Profoto-releases-small-yet-deep-and-parabolic-umbrellas-h3025-100984-Umbrella-Deep-Silver-S Profoto-releases-small-yet-deep-and-parabolic-umbrellas-h3025-100983-Umbrella-Deep-White-S

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