Review: Interfit 65″ White Parabolic Umbrella

Umbrellas are by far my favorite lighting modifiers due to the variety of looks they can deliver–and the latest from Interfit is surely no exception to the rule. Their 65″ Parabolic White Umbrella is great for working with portrait subjects but it’s also quite solid when it comes to build quality and overall versatility. Of course, this isn’t a true adjustable parabolic but it can deliver that look. This just makes sense though as Interfit has been trying to take higher end concepts and make them more affordable to the semi-professional photographer for a while. So in truth, I wasn’t sure what to expect but what I got was quite a surprise.

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Profoto Announces New Small, Deep Parabolic Umbrellas



Profoto is expanding their existing lineup of parabolic umbrellas by announcing six new ones today. These six new models are said to be small, lightweight, deep and parabolic in shape (meaning that it pitches the light forward much more. These are complementary to the previous lineup announced last year

The smallest of the bunch comes in a 33 inches and is called the Profoto Umbrella Deep S (for small). It can come in white, silencer or translucent (shoot through.) But there is also a medium version being announced called the Deep M which comes in at 41 inches..

Profoto states that the deep and round shape comes from having lots of umbrella rods–16 actually. Of course, you can also get diffusion socks for the umbrellas or a back panel for the translucent version.

More images are after the jump along with a product video. The umbrellas being used in action can be seen at Profoto’s blog.

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Phottix’s Newest Umbrella is the Para-Pro Reflective


Judging from the name of the new Phottix Para-Pro umbrella, one would think that it is a parabolic. In fact, many companies say that their umbrellas are parabolic. In fact, a parabolic umbrella is one that allows you to shape the throw of the light–and many use it to just market the fact that the throw can look like that of a parabolic umbrella. The company now has a brand new reflective interior umbrella listed on their site, and they’re stating that it will provide snappy highlights. Indeed, most silver umbrellas do this.

They’re available in a 72″, 60″ or 40″ size. The latter is guaranteed to give you some incredibly beautiful light output. Prices will be available within a couple of days.

Confused about whether or not you need an umbrella? You might want to check out The Phoblographer’s Introductory Guide to Photographic Umbrellas.

Review: Westcott 7 Foot Parabolic Umbrella (Silver Interior)

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Westcott 7 foot umbrella product photos (3 of 3)ISO 1001-200 sec at f - 8.0

For years, Westcott has made some of the best modifiers out there. They’re well known for their Apollo softboxes designed for speedlites. However, they also make many umbrellas. I purchased a three umbrella package where I was able to obtain three 7-foot parabolic umbrellas for a very affordable price. And to date, my most used umbrella is the silver interior version due to the extra punch that silver gives to the specular highlights on an image.

But man, do you need some powerful lights to take advantage of the size.


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