Justin Bieber Gets Sued by Another Photographer


Earlier last year, Justin Bieber was sued by a photographer when his body guards forced a photographer to delete the images shot of the stripclub attending starl and even threatened him with a gun. But the guards and the Canadian who found fame here still haven’t learned their lesson. Resource is reporting that photographer Manuel Munoz is suing Bieber after his bodyguards, “locked him in a nearby Subway restaurant and demanded he delete the photos he took of the star…Munoz and Patterson haggled in the restroom of the Subway restaurant for Bieber’s pictures for 10K but the bodyguard was only willing to pay 5K.”

But the story doesn’t stop with forced incarceration. It gets worse–Munoz states that he was punched and kicked by the guard who then took the photographer’s memory card. Additionally, this was two hours before Bieber was arrested for a DUI.

The problems with the lawsuit though state that Munoz only told the cops that he was tripped and suffered a scratch on the knee. But now he’s saying that he was further physically assaulted. To begin with, he should be suing for being locked in a bathroom and being forced to delete the images that were taken in public.

As a former paparazzo who has spoken about issues like this on television, you should know that Munoz was really just doing his job. paparazzo don’t exactly stalk their subjects–the agents for the talent tell photographers where their clients will be. So with that said, they want their clients to be found. Problems like this don’t often happen to this degree but I’ve had my share of threats from guards and most celebs are perfectly fine with being photographed because it means extra press for them and therefore more money.

Bieber has more money than most people though; so he probably doesn’t care.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.