Justin Bieber Being Sued by Photographer After Guards Take Camera, Memory and Threaten With Gun


Justin Bieber is apparently being sued by a photographer after his guards took photographer Jeff Binion’s camera. Binion then pleaded to get his camera back and apparently even offered to delete the images. The guards gave it back to him, but kept the memory card, according to FStoppers. But the story doesn’t end there.

According to both TMZ and Hollywood Gossip, Binion is surely not a Bielieber–he’s suing the pants off of the kid and further claims that the guards threatened him with a gun during the exchange. Specifically, Binion was pinned against a wall by a guard who flashed his gun while the others took the memory card out of the camera. As a result, Binion filed a police report on June 5th.

Even more interesting is that Binion swears that he isn’t a paparazzo and that he is a professional photographer. Some Googling of his name pulls up a possible Linked in Profile, Model Meyhem account, and links to both Corbis Images and Photogig. The latter is possibly an agency similar to the ones that I used to work for when I was a paparazzo. And though I was threatened by guards for sure during my time spent getting exclusives, I never had a gun pulled on me.

Binion’s lawyer is stating that Bieber is now an adult and should act like one and take responsibility like one.

Even worse: apparently Binion was photographing Bieber in public outside of Miami’s Hit Factory–which totally puts Binion in the clear. In all reality and legality, Bieber could be facing more than one lawsuit.

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