Weekend Humor: The Paparazzo-Celebrity Rift Goes All the Way Back to a Food Fight in the 1940s

That's a famous person.

That’s a famous person.

Weekend Humor isn’t meant to be taken seriously. So don’t, ya rube.

The paparazzo is an often reviled figure in A-list circles. Once Alec Baldwin finds himself staring at the business end of a telephoto lens, a white hot rage forms in the core of his being and surges out into his hands. “Fear the Baldwin” has become an oft-repeated phrase in celebrity headhunter circles, but given the need to put food on the table, most resign themselves going out yet again to sit in a café for eight hours at a time. The divide between the person behind the camera and the one in front of it wasn’t always there. A food fight between Felice Quinto, the grandpapa of all paparazzi, and some kid in the 1940s led to the great schism.

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Justin Bieber Being Sued by Photographer After Guards Take Camera, Memory and Threaten With Gun


Justin Bieber is apparently being sued by a photographer after his guards took photographer Jeff Binion’s camera. Binion then pleaded to get his camera back and apparently even offered to delete the images. The guards gave it back to him, but kept the memory card, according to FStoppers. But the story doesn’t end there.

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OP-ED: From The Other Side of the Lens- A Response To the Anti-Paparazzi Lawsuit from a Former Paparazzo

This morning, I read a post on Petapixel on the photographer arrested under California’s Anti-Paparazzi law. And then the comments came in: ripping apart paparazzi and calling them scum. Now I totally understand where these commentors come from saying this, but I don’t feel that the other side of the story is ever heard in full. For those of you who have followed The Phoblographer for the approximately three years I’ve been running it, you all know my dark secret. However, we’ve gained a significantly large following over time and many of you don’t know who I really am.

I am a former paparazzo here in NYC. For a short period of time out of college, I hunted celebrities and I played the game until I decided it was too cut throat of an industry. Given the chance, I’d do it all over again. But with all of this said, no one ever hears or knows the other side of the story and how the industry works.

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