Six Reasons To Invest In Rain Gear

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There are days when it will rain. When it does, you’ll need to protect your camera. There is no need to let rain ruin a day of photography. There are some very creative things you can do in the rain. Many photographers do not own rain protection for their camera gear. That needs to change.

Sunny Days are Boring and Hold Little Drama

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Most people see a rainy day as a reason to do still life photography in a nice dry place. I see it as a chance for some fantastic photographic opportunities. Rain adds drama to anything. From rain drops hitting a lake to water flowing down a the hood of a car, water adds drama. Without rain covers like the Think Tank Photo Hydrophobia Rain Cover or a less expensive one like a OP/TECH USA 18″ Rain Sleeve, you would miss this. Most people do not have weather resistant gear. They often avoid the rain when they don’t have to.

 You Never Know When the Weather is Going to Suddenly Change

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Always having rain gear in your bag is extremely important. You never know when the weather is going to change. You can check the forecast, but the weather can be fickle. Not having weather gear available can ruin your day. Once the rain starts falling, you’ll have to stow your camera in your bag, but if you have proper coverage, you can keep shooting happily.

Some Shots You Can Only Get in the Rain or Just After

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To achieve the best rain images you need the rain to be coming down right now or the sky right after a storm. Having rain gear available in your camera bag will give you the confidence to go out there and get the image. If you want to create a decent image of someone holding an umbrella with rain trickling off you need to be in the rain with them.

 Rain Gear Also Helps With Dusty or Ultra Crowded Environments

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Wet weather is not the only reason you need rain gear. If you are shooting in the environment like Burning Man or deep in a crowd at an event, rain gear can literally save your gear. In a dry, dusty environment rain gear will prevent dust and grit from penetrating your camera. If someone spills a drink on you in a crowd or various substances are thrown around, your camera will be protected. You can work longer without having to stop to clean your gear and possibly miss shots in the process.

 Weather Sealed Gear Needs Protection Too


Just because your gear is weather sealed does not mean it does not need protection. Always consider protection for your camera gear, regardless of whether or not it’s weather-sealed. There are cases of weather sealed gear having issues with extreme weather. You generally invest a significant amount of money in your gear. Invest a little more into its care.

 Gear Suggestions

In bad weather you don’t want to change gear. Plan your images as much as possible. If you think you’re going to need a range of focal lengths, think about zooms. Lenses like a Tamron 24-70mm f2.8, a Sigma 24-105mm f4 or a Tamoron 70-200mm f2.8 are good considerations. A lens like a Sigma 18-200mm f3.5-6.3 will work fine as well. Whats important is a proper lens hood and a uv filter. This along with the rain gear will help keep the rain and dust off the front of your lens. Something really important is a camera bag with a rain guard like a Think Tank Urban Disguise 60. If you are going to work in harsh weather, be prepared. It will help you create art.

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Gevon Servo

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