Review: Think Tank Urban Disguise 60 V2

Urban Disguise® 60 V2.0 20130529Gservo-3739

For years, I have been notorious for only using backpacks and for years, folks like Chris Gampat have been bugging me to think about shoulder bags. When we worked together at photography trade shows like Photo Plus Expo or had to travel around NYC, my backpacks seemed to get in the way. So always willing to learn and try new things I decided to try the Think Tank Urban Disguise 60 v2. It was a game changer for me. I tend to put a lot of thought into how I carry my gear. This bag handled everything. When I needed it to be more adaptable, it was.

And this new bag has become my favorite.

Pros and Cons


– Easily personalized

– Roomy and expandable

– Low profile

– Amazing build quality


– Padding on Camera Strap did not move

– The bottom of the bag, could use some rubberizing for wet days

– Rain cover does not completely cover bag when fully loaded.

Gear Used

I used all my gear to test this bag. I also used some odd things like bottles of balsamic vinegar, kid’s toys, and kid’s supplies for long days with the family. I used my 3 Legged Thing Tripod as well. I threw everything but the kitchen sink at this bag and it took it. I soon realized this bag became more than a review. It became a part of my life. I realized I could put almost anything into this bag.

Tech Specs

Information From Think Tank

Gear Profile

Carries one pro size or regular size DSLR with 24-70 f2.8 attached, plus 2-5 additional lenses, and a 17” widescreen laptop**

Separate padded compartment fits most 17″ laptop sizes**

Two regular size DSLRs with standard and wide angle zoom lenses attached

Two pro size DSLRs (BODIES ONLY) in padded front pocket, plus 3-6 lenses in main compartment

Technical Specifications:

ID: 16” W x 11.3” H x 4.3” D (40.6 x 28.7 x 10.9 cm)

*Opening Expansion Zipper adds 2.25″ (5.7 cm) to main compartment depth **Laptop Compartment ID: 16” W x 11.3” H x 1.5” D (40.6 x 28.7 x 3.8 cm)

ED: 16.5” W x 12” H x 7” D (41.9 x 30.5 x 17.78 cm)

Weight: 3.7–4.4 lbs (1.7–2.0 kg)

No Rhetoric Warranty Policy

Exterior – All fabric exterior treated with DWR while fabric underside is coated with PU for superior water resistance, 1680D ballistic nylon, YKK® RC Fuse (abrasion resistant) zippers, antique nickel plated metal hardware, Ultra Stretch pockets, nylon webbing, 3-ply bonded nylon thread

Interior – removable closed cell foam dividers, 210D silver-toned nylon, PU backed velex liner, 2x PU coated nylon 210T seam-sealed taffeta rain cover, 3-ply bonded nylon thread



The leather handles on the Urban Disguise 60 V2 are very strong, It could easily support the bag fully loaded, while not hurting your hand.

Urban Disguise® 60 V2.0 20130520Gservo-3198

The included shoulder strap was my only complaint about the bag. It was practical for the most part. I just wish the padding would have moved. When walking with a decent amount of gear, it would move your shirt or your coat.

Think Tank Urban Disguise 60 V2 20130529Gservo-3779

The bag also has a compartment for an iPad or papers, and it is brilliant. You can easily get things out while not exposing your camera. This is extremely useful in a few business situations.

Think Tank Urban Disguise 60 V2 20130529Gservo-3792

Having the expansion slot is a huge plus. When I did have to fully load the bag, I had more than enough room for EVERYTHING. I loved it.

Think Tank Urban Disguise 60 V2 20130313Gservo-0037

Being able to put my D700 with a grip on inside the bag and still have room is a plus. I had a photo shoot with a very tight window of time to work in and having everything set up the way I liked meant that I just had to take the camera out the bag, do the shoot, smile and nod. You would be bonkers if you did not want to work that efficiently.

Think Tank Urban Disguise 60 V2 20130529Gservo-3754

The organizer pocket allowed me to keep a lot of small thing in order. It was nice to know where everything was, and not having to think too much about it.

Think Tank Urban Disguise 60 V2 20130529Gservo-3797

The loops for attachment straps are well built and strong, Having a tripod hang off them was not a big deal at all–so they are very sturdy.

Think Tank Urban Disguise 60 V2 20130529Gservo-3785

Memory cards can be easily organized if you use the card wallet as well.

Think Tank Urban Disguise 60 V2 20130529Gservo-3768

The zippers are super strong. They feel like they were built to survive a small war, and that is a nod to Think Tank’s quality.

Think Tank Urban Disguise 60 V2 20130227Gservo-9708

For the most part the rain cover worked well, except when the bag was fully loaded. Since that is a rarity, it’s not that big of the deal. In normal loads, the bag was fully covered and dry.

Build Quality

Think Tank Urban Disguise 60 V2 20130323Gservo-0657

The build quality of this bag, minus the original strap, is simply amazing. The strap is well built, but I just wish the padding moved. The Urban Disguise 60 v2 is made from ballistic nylon. It is treated with DWR and the underside of the bag is coated with PU. This has given the bag fantastic water resistance. I was caught in a variety of weather conditions with this bag: particularly snow and rain. Nevertheless, I did not try to keep the bag in the rain to see how wet it could get, this was real world conditions and I just wanted to get in from the bad weather. My gear did not get wet at all. The zippers on the bag are made from abrasion resistant material. The rest of the hardware is antique nickel plated metal and can take a beating. The pockets on the bag stretched and held everything nicely. The inside of the bag was just as good. The foam padding provided for great customization. The light silver color of the bag lets you see everything inside the bag easily. Overall, the bag was designed and executed nicely.

In Use

Think Tank Urban Disguise 60 V2 20130525Gservo-3392

The Think Tank Urban Disguise V60 effectively touched every part of my photographer and normal life. It easily existed in everything I did. Most of my bags were either just camera bags or bags for work. Using this bag, I started adding a few accessories to make it perfect. I added the Think Tank Shoulder Harness V2 and the Urban Disguise attachment straps. This made the bag a backpack that held my tripod. When I had really big events to shoot this was my go to set up because I was able to comfortable carry the right gear for the jobs plus some backups. When I need the bag on my shoulder, I just switch the straps out. In front of my clients, I looked ultra-prepared. At my normal day job, no one knew it was a camera bag.

I was actually asked, “Why don’t you carry your camera to work anymore?” The people who ‘really’ knew me were used to seeing my ‘camera bag’ every day. They thought it was a laptop bag. The Urban Disguise lived up to its name.

Think Tank Urban Disguise 60 V2 20130521Gservo-3240

I ride mass transit a lot. This bag fit in well in the subways of New York. It also fit in well on the trains and buses of New Jersey. Having a separate compartment for my iPad and laptop meant I never had to expose my camera to unsavory environments unless I wanted to. The camera made accessing gear in a quick bind simple when I had to, which made life easy. On a recent tour event, for instance, I was the photographer for a specific group traveling on various modes of transportation. There were times when walking around with a camera out was an issue. Therefore, I easily put it in the bag without having to put the bag down or even stop walking at times.


Urban Disguise® 60 V2.0 20130529Gservo-3745

Becoming more familiar with this bag, I realized I wanted some of the available accessories. The first thing I got was the Urban Disguise Attachment Straps. These are meant to attach Think Tank’s products like ‘Stuff it’, a ‘Lens Changer’ to the side of the bag and a tripod to the bottom. This is very useful. The tripod straps split in the middle allowing for easy access.


The other accessory I needed was the Shoulder Harness V2.0. It effectively turned the Urban Disguise into a backpack. It was easy to set up and use right away. When I had to take longer walks, it made things more comfortable, especially when carrying a lot of gear.



The bag has a simple aesthetic, which allows it to blend in very well to corporate environments. The Think Tank Urban Disguise 60 v2 is a well thought out bit of gear. It fits in many situations. It is well designed and well built, so it is not a surprise that I think it is brilliant. Turning up in locations with this bag, does not arouse too much attention, unless I have a tripod attached to the bottom. You get a lot for your money with this bag. I cannot tell you how completely surprised I am that I am this satisfied with a shoulder bag. It is actually a bit refreshing.


I have had the Think Tank Urban Disguise 60 V2 in some pretty interesting places, and it fit in every where.  Is it for everyone? No. Nonetheless, no camera bag is. This is not a bag for those on a huge mountain or trekking through a jungle. It is meant for city life, civilization. As long as there are DSLRs, there will be photographers who adore a bag like this. In the end, I am proud to say I own this bag. If something ever happened to it, I would buy another. It is a camera bag only Think Tank could pull off. Working with the Urban Disguise 60 V2 was like shaking hands with an old friend. Everything just felt right.


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