Think Tank Photo Unveils Updated Airport Rollers

Think Tank Photo, makers of carrying solutions for working professionals, has unveiled new versions of their award-winning Airport rolling camera bags. Featuring improved handles, greater durability, and dedicated laptop and tablet compartments, the all-new Airport Security V3.0 and Airport International V3.0, provide photographers with functional carrying solutions during their travels.

The Airport Security V3.0 is sized for US domestic carry on requirements, holds two gripped DSLRs with lenses attached, plus four to six additional lenses, a 17” laptop, and a 10” tablet. The bag also fits up to a 600mm f/4 detached or 500mm f/4 attached (hood reversed).

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Review: Think Tank Turnstyle 20 Sling Bag


Sling bags have begun to catch on with the world of schlepping photography gear from place to place in recent years. Cyclists and bike messengers have been using this style of bag for literally decades because of its simple and functional design with quick access to your cargo. Think Tank Photo, whom we all know well, is always cooking up new ideas for their product lines and recently launched a new series of sling-style bags (though Think Tank fans will note that this is not their first sling bag, the Sling-O-Matic series came first). The Turnstyle series is a new nimble and low-profile set of bags which you wear diagonally across your bag, or around your waist by attaching the strap to the included waist-pad tucked inside the back panel. Available in three distinct sizes (5/10/20) depending on the amount of gear you want to carry, there are plenty of choices with this new line. We had a chance to review the Turnstyle 20, so head on past the break for our full review.

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Think Tank Photo Releases “TurnStyle” Sling Camera Bag Collection

julius motal the phoblographer think tank turnstyleThink Tank Photo has released a new collection of sling camera bags dubbed TurnStyle, in three numerical configurations: 5, 10, and 20. Designed for the street photographer on the go, the TurnStyle are designed for mirrorless users with several lenses. DSLR users can take this bag out to, but they’ll be limited to just a lens or two. All of the sizes feature a zippered tablet pocket.

Inside, the TurnStyle 5 measures: 6.3″ W x 11″ H x 3.5″ D.

The TurnStyle 10 measures: 7.1″ W x 12.6″ H x 4.8″ D. Both tablet compartments for the 5 and 10 measure: 6.3″  W x 8.7″ H x 0.4″ D.

The TurnStyle 20 measures: 8.3″ W x 15″ H x 4.8″ D, while its tablet compartment measures 8.1″ W x 10.2″ H x 0.6″ D.

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Review: Think Tank Urban Disguise 60 V2

Urban Disguise® 60 V2.0 20130529Gservo-3739

For years, I have been notorious for only using backpacks and for years, folks like Chris Gampat have been bugging me to think about shoulder bags. When we worked together at photography trade shows like Photo Plus Expo or had to travel around NYC, my backpacks seemed to get in the way. So always willing to learn and try new things I decided to try the Think Tank Urban Disguise 60 v2. It was a game changer for me. I tend to put a lot of thought into how I carry my gear. This bag handled everything. When I needed it to be more adaptable, it was.

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Five Low Profile Camera Bags Worth Carrying

Bag Combo

Camera bags–as photographers we have to live with them to haul our gear from shoot to shoot, or even for a simple day’s outing with a camera (or two, or five). So we have to deal with these gigantic diaper bags that proudly announce to the world that “Hey! I’m a photographer! I’ve got thousands of dollars (or whichever currency your government says you have to utilize) worth of equipment in bag, why don’t you come have a look inside?” This is something we (as photographers) have had to deal with ever since the creation of the “camera bag”. Thankfully in recent years there has been a shift in styling trends to move away from the bulky, garish and obvious designs to sleeker, no-nonsense stylish bags. Head on past the break for a look at five of my favorite low-profile camera bags.

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Five Roller Bags for the Multimedia Photographer

Ibarionex Perello Phoblographer Kata

Multimedia has changed how I shoot. It’s also changed how I market and promote my work and myself. It’s resulted in changes to my workflow including the downloading, cataloging and editing of gigabytes and terabytes of digital still and movie files.

However, one of the most practical changes has been how to carry the additional equipment I need to produce multimedia. Along with the cameras and lenses, I now have to include space for a laptop, microphones, audio recorders, XLR cables, focusing rigs, LCD monitors, AC adapters, extra batteries and more. Suddenly that spacious photo backpack that was adequate for my still work was no longer viable.

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Review: Think Tank Sub Urban Disguise 10


Think Tank just recently launched a new line of bags called the Sub Urban Disguise which is designed to be a very small option for carrying either mirrorless / compact systems or a regular sized DSLR with 1-2 lenses. I’ve had the bag for a few weeks now, and I feel that I understand it well enough to share my thoughts. Head on past the break for my review of  the Think Tank Sub Urban Disguise 10.

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