The FlashQ Is a Stylish Wireless Radio Flash Trigger

20140330020729-PB16While we personally didn’t think that the wireless radio flash world needed something sleek and stylish, the new creator of the FlashQ begs to differ. Today, a brand new IndieGoGo project has been launched to fund the creation of a brand new, stylish, low radio powered non-TTL flash transmitter. Like any other radio transmitter, the transmitter plugs into the hot shoe of your camera and the receiver goes onto the flash. This one doesn’t require cables and instead uses a standard hot shoe to trigger the flash. But once again there is no TTL transmission. However, it can sync up to 1/250th.

The FlashQ is being pitched specifically at mirrorless camera users. As far as specs go, it doesn’t seem to have many buttons either. The page states that 160 channels are available and that one transmitter can control up to 8 flash receivers up to 20 meters away. Plus the receivers can use a cold shoe to screw onto a light stand if needed. If you want to hook it up to a studio light, you can use a sync cord that comes with the receiver as well.

It’s going to be tough for them to compete with the likes of Yongnuo–who has done a great job already with the mirrorless market and making affordable products. But the big thing is that you can get them in white, black, blue or pink. Plus you can print your signature on the faceplate.

Check out the product video after the jump.

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Chris Gampat

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