Review: The Muku Shuttr Wireless Mobile Phone Shutter Remote


There are some people that use just their phone as their primary camera–and that has developed an entire market of folks that love to shoot and upload images with their phone. But sometimes, it’s a bit tougher to take images: like in small confined spots or when you need to be in the photo. Muku Shuttr is aiming to try to solve this problem with their little peripheral. The Muku Shuttr is a low profile remote that connects to your device via Bluetooth and controls the shutter snapping abilities.

And if you’re a mobile shooter, this be the one accessory that piques your interest.

Tech Specs

Specs taken from the Muku shuttr website

Shuttr works on all IOS 5.0+ devices (current IOS version is 6.1.2) with a camera on it. i.e. including iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad mini, iPad with Retina Display, iPod touch 4th generation or above.

Shuttr works with the camera app of iOS. You do NOT need to install any app. Just pair it up and it works right the way.

Different Android smartphone makers can choose their own bluetooth chipset and modify the camera app on their own specification so ensuring compability is a much more difficult task.

So far from what we tested, we found the following handset to be working with Shuttr without the needs of additional camera app, however, we cannot guarantee the compatibility as the manufacturers can change the bluetooth chipset and/or modify the camera app on their own business decision:​

Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, Notes 2, Notes 10.1. (Shuttr MAY NOT work with low-end or old Samsung model, including S2, Notes 1, S3 mini etc, we DO NOT recommend Shuttr to you in case you are using these models)

LG Nexus 4

Sony Xperia S (Works only with when our own Camera app installed)

Gear Used

We used the Muku Shuttr With the iPad Mini, iPhone 5, and an HTC One S.



The Muku Shuttr has some very subtle yet still critical controls to its functionality. Both sides of the remote look this way. But one side turns the remote on while the other switches it from Android to iOS devices. The switches are a bit tough to maneuver and for the best results we recommend using a fingernail.


The back of the remote is also quite subtle with just the logo on it. In the corner of the device is a loop hole for the user to put it around their key chain. Additionally, there is also a little suction cup that comes with it to balance your phone or device.



Then there is the front of the device: this is how you set off the phone’s shutter. Above this is a little light that gives you confirmation as well.

Build Quality

For what it’s worth, the Muku Shuttr is built pretty damn solid. It totally beats a car remote’s build quality for sure. However, we really wish that it had a matte finish instead of a polished finish as over time it will most likely just wear away faster.

Ease of Use


To use with Muku Shuttr with any of the devices we tested we needed to enable bluetooth on the phone or tablet, and then turn on the Shuttr. After the device sees the remote, you pair them together.

Then you switch the according slider to either Android or iOS (consult the manual for this, it’s just one page) and shoot. That’s it.

In our tests, the range worked up to around 25 feet away. One of our only complaints doesn’t have to do with the remote, but more with the suction cup stand. To be very blunt, I think it sucks–no pun intended. You’d be much better off with something like a Gorillapod and a mobile phone clamp.


The Muku Shuttr is really, really fun to use. If you’re the shy type that doesn’t want to ask someone to take a picture of you, then this is a great solution providing you can get your phone to stand by itself. But we also see this being used by the Instagrammer or someone else that takes their mobile photography super seriously.

In the end though, we’d be doing readers an injustice if we didn’t straight up state that this is a niche product.

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