Fotodiox’s New LED Light Looks Like a Strobe


LED lighting is hot–well, not really. The Fotodiox LED100WA is a brand new product that can come in the cool daylight or the hot tungsten color temperature. It will output 600 wats of power and because of its strobe-like design, it can take lots of different light modifiers like an umbrella, softbox, or other Bowens mount modifiers. One of the major features that the company is pushing though is the fact that they give off zero heat–which means that you won’t have to worry about a unit needing to cool down during the breakdown session after a shoot.

The LED100WA lights are priced at $324.95 and can be purchased at Fotodiox’s website. Tech specs and more images are after the jump.

Tech Specs

·         Tungsten 3200k ± 200

·         Daylight 5600 ± 300

·         Color Index Rating > 85

·         7600 Lux/m Luminance; 605 Foot-candles

·         Dimmable: 0-100% Power Output

·         Light Modifier Bayonet Mount (Bowens S-Type)

·         Handle for Carrying and Positioning the Light

·         Light Stand Mounting Bracket



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