Think Tank’s New Mirrorless Mover Camera Bags Are For The Mirrorless Camera Lover


Think Tank previously had the Retrospective 7 designed for mirrorless camera lovers, but now they’re showing off a brand new line designed specifically for that crowd: the Mirrorless Mover. Available in a 5, 10, 20, and 30i series,the bags are designed for different sizes of mirrorless cameras moving from the Nikon 1 series all the way up to Leica Ms accordingly. As for prices, they’ll range from the mid $30-$70 range.

Besides dividers (which are very close to the Retrospective series in design) the bags sport a Flip-Top style lid with magnetic closure, a rear slot for your belt and to therefore prevent theft, side pockets, mesh pockets, and is made from ballistic nylon. It also includes a rain cover. It’s quite interesting that the company has chosen not to make the bags from canvas.

They aren’t available yet, but then they launch we’ll be sure to have them in for review.