Kodak Spins Off Its Personalized Imaging and Document Imaging Businesses


Kodak, in its continuing story of survival, has taken new steps in their attempt to evolve. As part of its Chapter 11 plan, they have settled with the Kodak Pension Plan (KPP), the pension plan for its UK employees, to spin-off its Personalized Imaging and Document Imaging businesses. This has left the leaders of the PI/DI business very pleased with their new owner. The new company will be named at the closing of the deal however the Kodak brand will continue to be used.

You can read more about this deal here. But we have a whole chronology of the Kodak timeline after the jump.

Now, let’s take a look at the entire timeline of what’s been happening in Kodak’s current whirlwind.


2/10: Kodak announces that they’re backing out of the camera business.

3/01: Kodak discontinues all their slide film.

7/03: Ektachrome becomes tougher to find in stores.

8/23: The first mumbles of the company selling off their film business hits the web.

9/28: After previously announcing that they would restructure to work in the printing business (and even after going to many trade shows in NYC showing off their printers) Kodak announces that they’re pulling out of the printer business.

11/14: Kodak becomes set to receive $793M from a slew of banks, however there is a stipulation that the company make at least a half a billion on their patent sales, which thus far has not been a successful venture.

11/24: Rumors stir that Lomography may be a potential suitor for Kodak.

12/07: The company’s digital imaging patents are sold for $500+ Million.

12/13: In a very weird move, Kodak releases a new Super 8 film.

12/19: Apple, Google and Microsoft are named amongst the purchasers of Kodak’s patents.


1/18: Kodak and a company that might as well be branded a startup called JK Imaging announce a new Micro Four Thirds camera. JK Imaging is also announced as a new member of the Micro Four Thirds coalition.

1/23: The approval for the massive loan finally comes through.

1/24: Kodak expects to exit bankruptcy before the end of the year.

4/15 Kodak Sells Their Document Imaging Division to Brother

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