Kodak Got Bored With Focussing on Paper and Launches a New Camera

Kodak S1

I am quite surprised that the struggling company decided to create a new camera where they haven’t had much success before. They recently sold off their imaging patent portfolio and it looks like they went on a camera manufacturing spree with the cash. It has been said by the company that they will be focussed on consumer printing but here they are announcing the Kodak S1.

There isn’t much information at the moment but according to 43rumors it will be a MFT mount camera with a CMOS sensor made by Sony. The camera will also bring built-in WIFI to the table which we can assume will be used to transfer images to supported smart phones but unsure about other features it will offer. I think we would all love a successful camera (or anything) from Kodak so that they can cement some future funds for some 2013 type innovation. At this moment there is nothing on Kodaks news site but we eagerly await more details. As a helpful reader pointed out the camera will be manufactured by JK Imaging similar to the partnership between Sakar and Polaroid.