Kodak’s Film Division Still Going Strong, Releases New Super 8mm Stock

Kodak Vision3 50D Super 8mm Motion Picture Negative Film

Well look at that. Despite all the bankruptcy, financing and division offselling hassles, Kodak appears to be still going strong. Well, parts of Kodak at least. As a surprise to probably most everyone, they just announced a new Super 8mm film stock. This comes just after releasing an app that helps you select the right film for your purposes. It seems that Kodak’s film division wants their customers to know that they’re still in the game or maybe they discovered a hoard of unsold 8mm film, who knows.

The new Super 8mm stock called ‘Vision3 50D’ is a 50 ISO film that was previously made available in 35mm and 16mm sizes. It is advertized as a “fine-grained, daylight-balanced stock, giving filmmakers more options and flexibility for shooting on location.” The new Vision3 50D Super 8mm stock joins the already available Vision3 500T and Vision3 200T negative films. Kodak also still produces Ektachrome 100D and Tri-X reversal Super 8mm films (despite having discontinued all reversal film for still photography a while ago.)

EDIT: Thanks to reader Gordon for pointing out to us that Ektachrome 100D is in fact discontinued.

Vision3 50D is expected to be available in January 2013, although you might have a hard time finding a lab that still develops 8mm … To learn more about Kodak’s motion picture films, please visit their website.