Developing News: Kodak Selling Off Film Business?

Kodak Ektar 100 from my Mamiya RB67

A company that I hate to see in the news is once again making headlines. Don’t break out the tissues just yet but the developing story is that Kodak is selling their “Personalized Imaging businesses” which does contain their film business.

It appears that Kodak will only make the sale of these “Personalized Imaging” products if the buyer agrees to still offer the same products and services that Kodak currently offers. Kodak has had a good history is selling their products and businesses seamlessly like their online photo printing. The company appears to want to focus strongly on emerging from the financial crisis that they are in and become a sustainable business. There is an online document stating some facts here.

This news makes me sick to my stomach and while they are going to continue to manufacture film in the mean time. The future is unforeseeable. We will bring new news and updates as they become available.