OE NOEZ! The Hideousness AKA Hasselblad Lunar is Delayed

Note- These are the views of Gevon and not the site as a whole.

Not everything in life can be beautiful, well designed or a work of art. The Hasselblad Lunar is a prime example of this. The universe thinks so too and has stepped in to delay its launch. By way of the Sony Alpha Rumors and Amateur Photographer  sites, “Hasselblad has since told AP that the Lunar is ‘scheduled’ for June availability, but its spokesperson did not give a reason for the later launch date.”

For a camera that has a suggested retail price around $6500 the Lunar is scorned by many for its rubbish looks. It does not matter that this camera will feature a 24.3MP APS-C sensor, 25 AF points, ISOs from 100 to 16000, 10 FPS shooting, 3 in. LCD, OLED viewfinder, the Hasselblad Lunar is horrible to look at. Basically if a person buys this camera they may have more money than intelligence. The Hasselblad Lunar is a camera that has made people worry about being ostracized for owning a camera from “that company with the lunar-catastrophe”.  Hopefully this delay leads to its cancellation.

Editor’s Note: Dude, isn’t this thing ugly?

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Gevon Servo

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