iBelux 40mm f0.85 Lens Will Make Photographers Dream of Bokeh, Nail Totally Out of Focus Shots


For a couple of days now, the net has been abuzz about this new lens for Sony E, Micro Four Thirds and Fujifilm X mount. The iBelux 40mm f0.85 is to date the fastest aperture lens developed for any of these systems. It is being made by Kenko and IBE jointly. Kenko has been known for making some very good accessories for these systems, such as Macro converters.

The price for this fully manual focus lens with very little information so far? Apparently it will set you back around $1,000 according to Fuji Rumors.

These lenses aren’t the only ones that are super fast though. 43Rumors states the the SLR Magic 25mm f0.95, SLR Magic 50mm f0.95, Voigtlander 17.5mm f0.95 (which I own and reviewed quite positively), Voigtlander 42.5mm f0.95, and Voigtlander 25mm f0.95 are the other major fast aperture lenses out there.

Chris Gampat

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