Duo is a DIY Twin Lens Reflex Made of Wood, Mamiya Lenses and a Polaroid Back

Kickstarter Duo TLR Prototypes

Kickstarter is a neverending source of awesomeness. The most brilliant and most insane minds of the world use the platform to raise funding for their daring projects. The latest bit of madness is a do-it-yourself twin lens reflex kit made of wood, two old Mamiya lenses and a Polaroid film back. Yes, that’s right. A Franken-TLR out of trees and spare parts of other (hopefully broken) cameras. The only catch: you have to provide most of it yourself.

Kickstarter Duo Front and PartsThe basic Duo kit won’t contain much more than the wooden shell and mechanical innards needed to operate the camera. The two Mamiya Sekor 105mm lenses must be provided by the buyer himself, as does the Polaroid (or optional 120 film) back. Still, this is an awesome way to recycle old camera gear. And admit it, you always wanted a wooden camera that you built yourself. Who wouldn’t.

Kickstarter Duo Focusing Screen

Giant 3.8″ x 3.8″ focusing screen

Currently, the Kickstarter project has reached about 50% of its $ 10,000 funding goal, with 37 more days to go. Should you consider to back (Kickstarter jargon for ‘support financially’) the project, you have the choice between a Polaroid picture of the prototype cameras for US-$ 9, a bais Duo kit for US-$ 209, a deluxe kit containing a stainless steel focus knob, custom engravings and adapter for a 120 film back for US-$ 299, or a ready-to-use Duo with all the goodies for US-$ 649 (or more). In any case, you’ll have to supply the lenses and film back yourself.

For the future, the team behind Duo plans compatibility with other lenses and film backs, but that of course depends on the outcome of the current Kickstarter project.

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