Capture One Pro 7.0.2 Now Supports the X-Trans Sensor


This is good news for users of Fuji’s X-series cameras: Phase One has finally implemented support for the X-Trans sensor into the latest version of their Capture One Pro 7 workflow software. However, preliminary tests by dpreview show that the algorithm used isn’t much better at demosaicing the sensor’s unique color filter arrangement than the one used by Adobe, with many of the same problems emerging. This is disappointing, as theoretically the X-Trans sensor is able to resolve outstanding detail. However, much of it gets lost due to a lack of a proper demosaicing algorithm — unless you use out-of-camera JPEGs that is. (And this is precisely what has kept me personally away from the X system so far.)

Still, it’s a good thing that more and more RAW converters support the X-Trans sensor. Here’s to hoping that future algorithms will improve the situation.