Reuters Announces Its List of Best Photos for 2012; Redditor Breaks Down All the Gear Used


Reuters recently announced their list of the best photos shot this past year by their photographers. Personally, I know that lots of gear heads often wonder what was used to shoot the images. A stalwart Redditor took it upon himself to download the images and break them down by EXIF data. He then grouped the images together by different categories such as camera used, lenses, ISO, shutter, speed, etc. He’s published his results in the /R/Photography subreddit. But the graphs can be seen on this Google Doc.

The most popular results? The Canon 1D Mk IV with a 16-35mm lens attached, set at 1/320s, f/2.8, and ISO 200. But the other results are also very interesting and a lot of interesting information can be taken away from this:

– Many photographers love shooting wide open or stopped down not further beyond f5.6

– Even more love shooting wide open, especially at longer focal lengths.

– There isn’t much information on flash or strobe usage

– The original 5D is still quite a formidable camera and is still in use by these agencies; as is a Sony point and shoot. At the time of publishing this piece, an Amazon retailer is selling the camera for just under $4,000 brand new; while others are selling it for much less.

(Via Petapixel)

Chris Gampat

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