First Impressions: Lomography Diana Baby (110 Film Format)

The other night, I attended the Lomography launch party for the new Diana Baby camera: which shoots the recently resurrected 110 film format. After seeing a couple of photos prints shot with the camera, I have to admit that I’m very impressed. But even if the 110 film format doesn’t attract you (most Phoblographer staffers are all about medium format) then you instantly just have to love the form factor and just how fun the camera can really be.

The Diana Baby comes with two different lenses: a wide and a portrait. It’s best to stick with the wide to be honest.

The front of the camera is very much holding true to the old Diana in the simplicity of it all. There is even the shutter on the right of the camera. Though in my use, I couldn’t move it without seemingly shaking the camera when shooting one handed the way that Hanz is in the opening photo. I’ll surely improve my form though.

The top of the camera this time around doesn’t contain a film advance. Instead there is a little PC Port for a flash connection.

The back of the camera contains the film base/back and also has the viewfinder. There are two different framelines in the finder: and inner and an outer. The outer is for the wide angle and the inner is for the portrait lens.

The bottom of the camera contains the release for the back/film and the shutter setting. You can choose bulb, or the regular shutter speed.

As you can also see, the lenses are really, really tiny. Think Pentax Q size, almost.

The film back comes off in an interesting way: you don’t slide it down, instead you pull it off straight toward you.

If you want to take the camera around for some street shooting, we strongly recommend using it with a flash like this the same way that the old masters did. And then, just have fun. Heck, this is an awesome party camera too.

We will call in a review unit sooner or later, so stay tuned.

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